Corey Graves To Replace JBL On SmackDown Live

WWE has reshuffled some of its announcers following the announcement from JBL that he would no longer be the color commentator for SmackDown Live.

Over the weekend, news broke that John Bradshaw Layfield would be stepping back from his duties as an announcer for SmackDown Live. JBL has been a part of the WWE family for over 20 years, and he reassured fans that although he won't be around on a weekly basis, this is not the end of his time with the company. The first question on most fans' lips following the announcement was who exactly will fill the JBL shaped hole on Tuesday nights?

Quite a few names have been batted about since JBL told the world he would no longer be a part of the blue brand's commentary team. The likes of Mauro Ranallo and David Otunga as well as Jerry 'The King' Lawler following him stepping in for Booker T on Raw last week. A popular choice among fans was Renee Young, although the former NXT announcer was quick to distance herself from the role. Earlier today though WWE put us out of our misery and announced what exactly they're planning to do via WWE.com.


The man who will be taking JBL's place on SmackDown Live is none other than Corey Graves. Graves currently has a place behind the announce desk on Raw and also 205 Live and as a part of this reshuffle, he will have to sacrifice the latter of those two. The slot that Corey will leave vacant on 205 Live will be taken up by NXT's Nigel McGuinness who will also join the Main Event team in the process.

Graves has been a hit with the fans, and this latest news is only further proof that he's well liked back stage at WWE also. Not only has he impressed since making the move to Raw, but it was his announcing in NXT that got him the main roster job in the first place. While if given the choice, Graves would likely have wanted to carry on his in ring career rather than have it end prematurely via injury, the trajectory his time at WWE has taken since is not to be sniffed at.


Corey Graves' Twitter bio boasts that he's the third hardest working man in sports entertainment, and with the addition of SmackDown Live to his busy schedule, it's hard to argue that. He has clearly been marked as someone who WWE want to keep around for a long time, and rightly so considering his stellar work up until this point.

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