Could Another ECW Invasion Be On Its Way?

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With rating for WWE Raw continuing to drop, the creative team and Vince McMahon certainly seem open to ideas to get things going again. Recently, an email went out about a WCW Invasion angle to see how much interest it would garner. However, there are already players involved for the possibility of an ECW Invasion coming. Of course, having Paul Heyman around would already knock out the most important factor for this to happen. There is no telling when Brock Lesnar will be involved again, and if it is Wrestlemania, there would be time for Heyman to squeeze in an angle like this.

The Dudley Boyz returned a few months ago, so it is a certainty that their involvement would be a must. Rhyno has been with NXT for a while now, and he has finally started showing up on Raw. The recent move that would point to the possibility of an invasion angle happening is the return of Tommy Dreamer. One more person would be enough to successfully complete this angle, and that person would be Rob Van Dam. RVD has posted a picture of himself (seen above) on his official Facebook page, and he looks to be in very good shape. Bringing back RVD (or could this be some sort of hint) would allow for something like this to happen and revitalize things for the WWE.

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