Could Sting Aid Shane McMahon At WrestleMania Vs The Undertaker?

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At WrestleMania 32, Shane McMahon will be facing The Undertaker with control of the company on the line. Shane O'Mac was once a solid wrestler, but he is now 46 years old and hasn't wrestled in years. Even when he was younger, it would be hard to imagine Shane McMahon defeating The Undertaker, let alone at WrestleMania in a Hell in a Cell match. So, if Shane McMahon is going to defeat The Undertaker, he is going to need to some help.

Could this finally be the moment that we see Sting and The Undertaker in the same ring? We already saw Sting cost The Authority once at Survivor Series in 2014, when he debuted in the WWE. Could he do it again? Why not? He's also being inducted into the Hall of Fame that weekend, but could WWE be inducting him now to get us off of the scent?

Even though their combined age nearly adds up to 100, and the match would not be HBK-Hart type quality, it would still be quite a sight to see them go at it. Two of the greatest gimmicks in pro wrestling, let alone the WWE. 

You have to figure someone has got to help Shane win, if he is indeed going to win. It just would not make much sense for Shane to come back to hype up getting control of Raw, only to lose to The Undertaker at WrestleMania. It also would not make much sense for him to cleanly beat The Undertaker.

So, the WWE has to have something up their sleeve. The idea of Sting aiding Shane McMahon is nothing more then a idea, and pure speculation. Maybe the WWE could surprise us and have The Rock get involved in the match in some way. Either way, this is going to be a huge angle.

What do you think will happen? How will this match turn out? Who's going to get involved? Will anyone get involved? So many questions, and yet so exciting. Is it Wrestlemania season yet or what?!

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