Could The Brand Split Return Be Announced Sunday?

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On Monday Night Raw it was announced that Vince McMahon will be making his final decision on who will be running the WWE's flagship show at WWE Payback, between The Authority and Shane McMahon. Now, although we all know that Shane McMahon isn't actually writing anything, it still has been entertaining to have Shane McMahon on weekly TV and he's been a breath of fresh air from the dragged on Authority angle.

With that being said, however, the WWE has been receiving some heat due to the fact that the WrestleMania match between Shane and The Undertaker included a stipulation where Shane had to win the match to be granted authority of Raw. AS you obviously know, Shane did not win. Yet, he's been in control of Monday Night Raw since the night after WrestleMania.

One idea is that Vince McMahon could reinforce the stipulation, saying that Shane McMahon lost his match with The Undertaker, therefore he can't be in charge of Monday Night Raw. However, the stipulation didn't say much about SmackDown. Could it be? Could they resurrect SmackDown and the brand split?

I feel confident that someone will be announced to officially be in charge of SmackDown, with a returning brand split. Possibly beginning with a mega draft this Monday.

Vince McMahon could also do the opposite, saying that Shane McMahon has been on a huge hot streak and he will continue running Monday Nights, while The Authority moves to SmackDown.

It would also make sense for the WWE to have SmackDown become a live show if either one of these scenarios happens. This will make Smackdown just as much of a priority to watch as Raw. So, while there is no official report on the brand split returning this Sunday, do you also feel confident in the return being announced on Sunday? Which way would you like to see Vince McMahon go with his decision?

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