Could This Be An Indication of WWE's Feelings About Kurt Angle?


In an interesting article posted on, they decided to look at five superstars that they'd like to see accept John Cena's open challenge for the US Championship, that he's been doing every week on Raw. There were some very interesting entries on this list, like Neville, RVD, Sami Zayn and even Sting, but the most interesting by far has to be Kurt Angle.

If you recall, Cena got his start with the WWE by accepting Kurt Angle's open challenge on SmackDown. Even though he lost that match. Cena received plenty of praise for it, notably from The Undertaker backstage.

Typically, the WWE doesn't like to mention TNA at all, let alone wrestlers on their roster, so this is an interesting piece. Could this be an indication, even a minor one, of WWE's hope of bringing back Kurt Angle?  I'd highly doubt it, but we can always dream.

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