Could The Undertaker Align Himself With The Shield?

Kane's shocking appearance on Raw this week could very well signal the return of his brother The Undertaker sometime soon.

The main event of Raw this week pitted Roman Reigns against Braun Strowman inside a steel cage. If The Monster Among Men could thwart The Big Dog then he would earn his team an extra man in their match against The Shield at TLC this Sunday. If he lost the match, however, and he would lose his place in that same bout, so a lot on the line for Braun.

Throughout the match, Strowman's team captain, The Miz, teased fans with the news that he had a fifth man ready and waiting should Strowman win, and it wasn't Curtis Axel as we were originally lead to believe. No, it turns out that fifth man was Kane. The Big Red Machine made a shock return during Monday night's main event, rising up through the ring and helping Strowman to slay Reigns, securing his spot in the TLC main event in the process.

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With Raw coming to an end right after Kane made his triumphant return it hasn't been explained as to why exactly he decided to target Roman Reigns. What many have assumed though is that The Devil's Favorite Demon is exacting some revenge on behalf of his fallen brother, The Undertaker. Inquisitir.com is even reporting the rumor that the reemergence of Kane marks the beginning of a story line that will culminate in The Undertaker's return.

Apparently, the feud between The Shield and the men they will face at TLC will carry on beyond their first clash at Sunday's event. The rivalry will go on to Survivor Series and that will apparently be where The Undertaker shocks the world and shows his face. He won't side with his brother Kane though, and will rather align himself with The Hounds Of Justice. The reasons to back up those rumors remain unclear at this point in time.


Kane's return to TV and immediate focus on Roman Reigns can only really mean one thing if WWE wants it to make sense, and that's a storyline revolving around Reigns seemingly retiring The Undertaker. The rumors that The Deadman himself may be coaxed back between the ropes do feel a little like fans grasping at straws however. If The Phenom is coming back for one more match though, a tag bout at Survivor Series would make sense. His weaknesses could be masked as he wouldn't have to spend as much time in the ring, plus Survivor Series is where he made his WWE debut 27 years ago.

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