The Most INSANE WWE 2K18 Glitches So Far

It's amazing how it never fails when a new video game comes out that there will always be some interesting and funny glitches, and WWE 2K18 is no different.

Even though WWE 2K18 won't be officially released until Tuesday, October 17, 2017, some people are able to play the game early after purchasing the deluxe edition. This has opened the floodgates, allowing fans to post some of the glitches that they've come across while playing the game, thanks to Still Real To Us.

Check out the glitch below of Roman Reigns walking through a child's mom on the way the ring. It looks like she just wanted a hug and he walked right through her.

For some reason, Kofi Kingston left during a match and ran right through the ropes and through the crowd. Very odd. Maybe he had to use the bathroom?

This next glitch is really funny. It looks like the blue crates backstage can attach themselves to the wrestlers. That is certainly an advantage for the opposing fighter.

There's nothing like Chris Jericho dancing during a backstage brawl as he stands on the catering table. It's pretty entertaining to watch the other wrestler trying to hit him.

Johnny Gargano’s superkick doesn't seem to be very super in WWE 2K18. They may need to fix this.

Well, it looks like The Usos have new identities.

The referee doesn't seem to be very engaged when he's supposed to be counting the pin.

What the heck is going on in this picture? Very weird.

We also managed to come across some more glitches on iwnerd.com.

Poor John Cena. A couch ended up putting him in an ankle lock.

Forget about driverless cars, how about stretchers that move and take any injured wrestlers to an ambulance all by itself?

So, John Cena now has superpowers and can fly. Very interesting.

This last one isn't a glitch, but it's too cool to leave out.

We're sure 2K will end up releasing a patch within the first week of WWE 2K18's release, but in the meantime, enjoy these strange glitches while you can!

Comment below and let us know what your favorite glitch is. Also, let us know what glitches you've found while playing the game.


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