It's Only A Matter Of Time Until Cris Cyborg Makes Her Wrestling Debut

She might be focused on Bellator for right now, but even Cris Cyborg seems to know that she will join the pro wrestling world eventually.

As much as most MMA fans don't like to admit it, there is an awful lot of crossover between that world and professional wrestling. Competitors have crossed the border between the two in both directions. Brock Lesnar and CM Punk are examples of wrestlers who became MMA fighters, while Ronda Rousey and Matt Riddle did the exact opposite.

Those four names alone have had varying success after crossing over. It is certainly not guaranteed. However, when Rousey showed up in WWE, she was a megastar right off the bat. If that wasn't proved by her mere presence during her first appearance at the 2018 Royal Rumble, it was hammered home when she tore the house down during her debut match at WrestleMania 34.

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It seems as if Cris Cyborg also wants a piece of the pro wrestling pie, and why wouldn't she? Not only has she watched on as Rousey achieved pretty much everything she could in the space of 12 months in WWE, but she is also a self-confessed die-hard wrestling fan. During a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Cyborg admitted that if the opportunity to wrestle presented itself, she would jump at the chance.

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"If the opportunity presents itself, and the deal makes sense, I would love to challenge myself with pro wrestling," Cyborg revealed. Perhaps most telling of all was the comment she made just before that. That she would listen to and likely accept the call if it came from not just WWE, but also AEW. Cyborg was also in attendance for AEW's Double Or Nothing show earlier this year.

We'd love to think that Cyborg and AEW already have a deal in place. Considering what the fighter has on her plate right now, we doubt that. Cyborg recently signed for Bellator and is aiming to become the first competitor ever to win four different world titles in the same weight class. If she wins the Featherweight Title in Bellator, she will achieve that. Who knows? Maybe her visit to AEW was akin to Rousey appearing at WrestleMania 31, and the countdown to her pro wrestling debut has covertly begun.

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