Cruiserweights Triple H Must Sign To Make 205 Live A Better Show

Triple H has been given creative control over WWE 205 Live. This has been useful to WWE already, as the show has improved since his creative direction has been put in play. Not only are we seeing new names join the division off and on...but we're also seeing big and terrific matches. On top of this, stories are becoming easier to follow and care about rather than some of the insane types we were witnessing before.

Does anyone remember Alicia Fox and the saga over which guy she would be with on 205 Live each given week? If you don't, consider yourself lucky. This sort of creative issue made the show hard to get through, but Vince McMahon headed up the show and really did not make it a worthwhile thing to care about.

Triple H already making a difference for the show is clearly good to see. However, it'll take time to know if he was truly able to save the show from eventually being axed by the company, or when a better show could be put in its place for the WWE Network. He will have control over all we see there, including who he adds to the show from week to week.


The question is, what sort of people could Triple H bring on board to help the division further? Keep in mind, he's also the head of talent relations and thus, is the man responsible for hiring talent. So with that said, who could he look to bring in from the past or present to make this show better? We have some ideas.

People Triple H Needs To Look To From The Past

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Plenty of people could be of use here. Most recently, we saw the return of The Hurricane as well as Rey Mysterio at The Royal Rumble. As of now, we are not sure if WWE has managed to put either under contract. However, it would be huge if WWE could do it. Triple H clearly has been a fan of Mysterio in the past, and adding Rey would automatically make 205 Live a better product.

Meanwhile Hurricane, or Greg Helms, has been a proven top performer in the cruiserweight division and actually has the longest single reign with the title in WWE.  There is also the possible addition of past stars from WWE such as Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne), Paul London, Low Ki, Tajiri, Chavo Guerrero and Spike Dudley just to name a few that could be useful.

This is not even going over more prominent names you might be able to get in for a few appearances like Ultimo Dragon, Jushin Liger, X-Pac, Scotty 2 Hotty and Jerry Lynn. Overall, it would be good to bring back people who have been of use to this division or fit the light heavyweight division.

People Triple H Needs To Look To From The Present

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There are many from New Japan that are coming available relatively soon, such as Kushida and Kota Ibushi. Ibushi would likely sign a deal if they manage to swing getting Kenny Omega to sign, and he likely will next year. Meanwhile Kushida has done it all in Japan and is good friends with Shinsuke Nakamura. These two men are well-known performers who have been highly notable across the world for years, so their addition would be big.

While WWE has had interest in the past, signing someone like Lucha Underground's Pentagon, Jr. would be a huge get for the organization. However, there are many others who would be of use from here such as Fenix, AR Fox, Angelico, and Jack Evans. All of which would get over well with WWE fans pretty quick.

Ideal Wishlist Performers Triple H Needs To Throw The Checkbook At

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These men could be ideal people WWE should go after that would highly help the cruiserweight division of WWE and make 205 Live not only must-see, but its own brand on the same level as NXT. Names from New Japan like Will Ospreay, Marty Scurll, Hiromu Takahashi, Sanada, and Zack Sabre Jr. would be key help to WWE in many respects, but also to this division.


Other names that need to be on the list for WWE include ACH, who has been working with ROH among other places. Matt Riddle, who has been with EVOLVE and has been on WWE's radar for some time would fit in as well as Eddie Edwards, who has been with TNA and ROH in the past among other promotions. He's been a World Champion with Impact Wrestling, and it likely he would stay unless WWE offered him a better option. Even New Japan's Kenny Omega, who would likely be better served as a top guy in WWE beyond this area, could still be useful here if added to WWE RAW the moment he is signed.

These men would all be useful to the division at large and while all wishlist types of people that Triple H would likely have to convince to jump in a major way, some may be willing to jump to WWE more than others. With him now running 205 Live, more star-power than ever before would only serve to make the division that much greater.

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