10 Current WWE Stars Who Wouldn’t Make It In The Attitude Era

The most successful timeline in WWE history brought a lot of eyeballs on the product as the company competed with WCW for many years. Many of the industry's biggest stars came up during this era, including Steve Austin, The Rock, Triple H, Kurt Angle as well as many others.

Long gone are the days of the Attitude Era as the landscape of professional wrestling has completely changed since then. Today's wrestlers may be more athletic, as well as better in-ring performers, but that doesn't necessarily indicate that they would have made it big two decades ago. Here are 10 current WWE stars who wouldn't make it in the Attitude Era!

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10 Finn Balor

Finn Balor seems like the perfect match for today's product, and yet he still finds himself coming up short when it comes to being an absolutely top star. Considering his lack of charisma, Balor would've struggled to fit in an era that relied heavily on mic skills and character.

Even if he had made it to the roster during the Attitude Era, it seems unlikely that Vince McMahon would've given him a push at the time. In fact, Balor is much more likely to have been a Cruiserweight or Tag Team competitor, but luckily for him, he came to the WWE at the right time.

9 Sheamus

Looking back at the Attitude Era, it's hard to see how Sheamus would've fit in with the talent at the time. He has been among the most accomplished WWE Superstars in the past decade with four World titles, Royal Rumble, Money in the Bank, King of the Ring, among much more.

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Most of today's Superstars grew up fans of the 90s product of the WWE, and while Sheamus would've likely welcomed an opportunity to be a part of wrestling's most successful period, we are unsure that he would have made it beyond a brief stint with the company during those years.

8 Asuka

NXT has produced some of the hottest talents on the main roster today, but not many got shine as much as Asuka. With a lengthy undefeated streak, Asuka quickly rose through the ranks to become a top name in the women's division.

But she has also had a rough period in which she was somewhat lost in the shuffle as the creative team didn't make the most out of her talent. If Asuka hasn't been booked properly in the past year, it's hard to imagine her getting a better role during the Monday Night Wars. If anything, she would've been a waste of talent as the WWE didn't particularly care to strengthen the division at the time.

7 Kevin Owens

Considering that WWE showed no interest in Kevin Owens for many years, it's tough to imagine Vince McMahon signing him to a deal in the 90s, let alone pushing him as a main eventer. When it comes to mic skills, Owens is one of the few current stars who could keep up with the best of the best from the golden days.

But he doesn't have the look nor gimmick to stand out in an era where every Superstar had to do so to get shine. Owens is much better suited for today's standards that have allowed him to flourish previously as the WWE Universal Champion.

6 Bray Wyatt

Since 2010, Bray Wyatt has taken on four different gimmicks in hopes of connecting with the fans with a new one being slowly introduced to the audience. From his days as Husky Harris, it was evident that he would need major changes to cut it in the WWE. And while the character of Bray Wyatt managed to get over for some time, it did get stale relatively quickly.

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Wyatt wouldn't have been welcomed in the Attitude Era as he wouldn't have been suitable for the past direction. Given his struggles to be over at a time when there aren't many stars around, it's tough to see Wyatt making a lasting impression during wrestling's most popular period.

5 Becky Lynch


Becky Lynch is having one hell of a run that peaked with her victory at WrestleMania 35 after making history through the first ever women main event at the event.

Although she happens to have more edge than most current Superstars, the landscape of the Attitude Era would've held her back from reaching noticeable heights. Lynch certainly wouldn't have been able to showcase her in-ring talent and likely portrayed closer to the likes of Sable and Trish Stratus early into her WWE stint. Like many of today's female wrestlers, Lynch is fortunate to compete at a period in which the division is taken seriously.

4 Dolph Ziggler

The Attitude Era already featured Shawn Michaels, so it would make no sense to have Dolph Ziggler apart of the roster. In all seriousness, Ziggler has spent the better half of his career upset with the lack of opportunities and inconsistent booking from the creative team.

He was put in a position to succeed multiple times only for the WWE to slow down his momentum. After a decade with the company, Ziggler has yet to truly find a unique identity to set him apart from the rest of his peers. That would've been a recipe for disaster during the Attitude Era.

3 Elias

The character of Elias seems like it was made for modern times and not exactly suited for any other era. Given how edgy the Attitude Era was compared to the current product as far as gimmicks, Elias wouldn't have been relatable to past audiences.

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That's not to mention that Jeff Jarrett already had the guitar gimmick covered so it would have been repetitive with two identical signatures. Even Triple H was skeptical whether Elias would transition well into the main roster upon his arrival from NXT, adding that he had doubts he could get it over in any other era.

2 Bayley

The Attitude Era was filled with great gimmicks that engaged audiences around the world, but it also brought plenty of bizarre and experimental characters along the way. It was an unpredictable time that led to the rise of many WWE stars, but it's doubtful that Bayley would have had any impact at the time.

As a hugger, she may have been booed out of the building. The women's division has come long ways since the Monday Night Wars when Divas were mostly used as eye candy. And while Bayley may have been a fan of the product as a kid, she would have likely flopped as a Superstar.

1 Daniel Bryan

He may be arguably the most popular Superstar in the past five years, but it's hard to imagine Daniel Bryan getting over in the late 90s. From gimmick to in-ring style and overall look, Bryan was just not cut to succeed at the time.

He would have fared far better in the Ruthless Aggression period when wrestling ability was appreciated even more so. That's not to dismiss Bryan's versatility when it comes to playing various characters, it's just unlikely that the audience would have bought into him. Bryan's rise to the top took place at the perfect time, his journey would have been entirely different 20 years ago.

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