20 Current WWE Stars Who Were Part Of Forgotten Tag Teams

Vince McMahon has always seemed to prefer singles superstars over the doubles division, so even a former WWE Tag Team Champion can completely ignore their former partner once they go solo. That's especially the case for any duo that had a strange or high concept gimmick, let alone any sort of character that no longer jives with their personality. The fact wrestling never stops evolving means it's just as easy for fans to forget about former teams as the wrestlers involved, if only because there's no reason to dwell on the past.

Well, almost no reason. The obvious downside of wrestlers permanently moving on from their former duos is that some of those teams were actually pretty darn good. The best of them might have produced matches far better than the sum of its parts, with neither member coming close to the same level of output individually. This even applies to teams that produced future World Champions, with their matches together simply being that rare kind of classic tag team wrestling that's impossible for a single person to replicate on their own. Of course, there are also plenty of tag teams that never get mentioned anymore for good reason, having never been all that great in the first place. Either way, keep reading to learn about 20 current WWE superstars who were once part of forgotten tag teams.

20 Bobby Roode and Eric Young Were TNA’s Team Canada

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Considering this team had it's heyday outside of the WWE Universe, there's no surprise it never gets mentioned today. In fact, Bobby Roode and Eric Young have yet to have a meaningful interaction in their current company of any kind, which isn't that surprising given their wildly different characters.

That said, their team was relatively important to the development of the competition, having twice won the TNA Tag Team Championships during the company's formative years.

Team Canada defeated past and future World Champions in Ron Killings, Christopher Daniels, and James Storm to earn their gold. Regardless of their success, the evil foreigner gimmick can generally only go so far in the modern era, especially with a generally friendly nation like Canada.

19 Braun Strowman Began as the Wyatt Family’s Fourth Wheel

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Technically speaking, Braun Strowman wasn't exactly in a tag team with any one other member of The Wyatt Family. Nonetheless, he's come so far as a solo performer that it's possible newer fans are unaware he had any connection with the group whatsoever. While those who were watching at the time may have some memories of the connection, they probably relate to how Strowman never quite fit in with the group, sharing the Wyatt's size and ring style, but not the mysterious aura that united their unit.

Given this, it almost makes sense that WWE has stopped acknowledging Strowman's humble origins, but it's a bit more curious that Strowman's history making, Raw Tag Team Championship winning team with Nicholas Cone has likewise already been forgotten...well, aside from the fact the kid's still in middle school.

18 Dolph Ziggler Was Nicky From The Spirit Squad

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Of all the teams on this list, the fact WWE likes overlooking Dolph Ziggler's past as a member of the Spirit Squad is probably the least surprising. That said, it's not for lack of success, as Ziggler, then known by the name Nicky, joined his partners Mikey, Johnny, Kenny, and Mitch as lackeys of Vince McMahon in his feuds against D-Generation X. The five-man team also became WWE Tag Team Champions for an impressive seven months.

The big catch to all this is that they were a group of male cheerleaders dancing around the ring like goofballs.

Two members, Kenny and Mikey, actually returned to give Ziggler some grief about how his career evolved, yet the fact this was a total failure probably re-affirms it'll never be mentioned again.

17 Titus O’Neil Was A Prime Time Player

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Given all the work Titus O'Neil has been putting in to spreading his allegedly "worldwide" brand, the man himself may well be behind WWE deciding to stop talking about the Prime Time Players. Not that the duo was entirely without their success, once winning the WWE Tag Team Championships after their first breakup and reunion.

On the other hand, it took O'Neil and his former partner Darren Young a solid four years before finding their first set of gold in either NXT or WWE.

Worse than that, critics always castigated the Players as being a cut below what's expected of the average top level tag team, never quite delivering expert performances in the ring or on the microphone.

16 Kofi Kingston Won The Tag Titles With A Punk

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Besides the two being close outside the ring and each other's "road wives" while travelling between shows, Kofi Kingston and CM Punk actually teamed together and won tag team gold back in 2008. The duo beat Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr., then members of Legacy, and held the titles for a little over a month, before losing them to John Morrison and The Miz at a house show.

While we're probably never going to see them tag in the WWE again, the two remain close friends and have nothing but good things to say about one another. It's not surprising coming from Kofi, but something positive about the wrestling business coming out of Punk's mouth nowadays? Unheard of!

15 Roman Reigns Got His Start with Tyler Breeze

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Plenty of tag teams formed during the onset of two wrestlers' careers inevitably go their separate ways, and wind up on exact opposite sides of the industry. Of the teams on this list, none went quite so far apart from one another as the tandem of Roman Reigns and Tyler Breeze, who collectively called themselves Leakee and Mike Dalton back when they were a team.

Divergent as their skills and gimmicks were, this duo managed to win the FCW Tag Team Championships for a short time before they were stars. Naturally, the fact their careers went in such different directions completely explains why WWE never makes mention of this past connection.

14 AJ Styles and Chris Jericho Were Y2AJ

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In less than three short years, AJ Styles has absolutely dominated the WWE Universe like few others. Already a two time WWE Champion enjoying a lengthy second reign, it's surprisingly easy to forget that The Phenomenal One's first couple months were relatively understated. It's not that he wasn't doing anything memorable; it's just that Styles was slightly wasted in the tag team division when he should have been a solo star from the start.

Of course, his team with Chris Jericho was solid, despite the fact it was clearly doomed to fail from the start.

Nonetheless, the fact it only lasted a couple months before falling apart, at which point Styles shot into the stratosphere, makes it easy to forget Y2AJ was once how he spent all of his time.

13 Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder Were the Original Edge Heads

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At this point, it could probably be said that neither Curt Hawkins nor Zack Ryder want all that much to do with one another inside the ring. Despite the fact they're one of the few teams that never really had a big blow up and feuded, their low statuses in the WWE Universe means teaming back up wouldn't really help either of them out.

In any event, there was a time when they were inseparable, and it began long before Hawkins and Ryder signed with their current employers. Once the duo did join WWE, they did so as a unit called The Major Brothers, soon switching names to the Edgeheads in honor of their new leader, the Rated R Superstar. With this connection, they even won the WWE Tag Team Championships for a few months.

12 Cesaro Lucked Into a Partnership with Tyson Kidd

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The most surprising thing about so many of these teams being forgotten is how much thought and care went in to building them up as a team before WWE abandoned the idea. That's not really the case with Cesaro and Tyson Kidd, as the duo were both pretty open about having been put together entirely by chance.

The plus side is that it completely worked out, leading to one reign as WWE Tag Team Champions and a number of great matches.

Unfortunately, things were cut short when Kidd suffered a career ending injury, instantly putting the team to an end. Of course, Cesaro is still around, and he's been in the tag division for a while no less, making it odd WWE doesn't bring up the fact he has ample experience there.

11 Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt Formed a Brotherly Team

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Speaking of the Wyatt Family and The B-Team, it may be relevant to bring up the way these two units once converged. In fact, they arguably have a deeper connection than almost anyone else on this list, considering Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas are real life brothers, and thus got their start in the industry as a family tag team.

Chances are that WWE has been ignoring this fact because they never teamed up on the main roster, not to mention that Wyatt and Dallas's gimmicks have always been polar opposite. However, they have held a small amount of gold together, twice winning the FCW Tag Team Championships as the Rotunda Brothers in the days before NXT.

10 The Big Show Rose to the Top with Multiple Partners

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Being the self-proclaimed world's largest athlete for the majority of his career, had The Big Show wanted to win the WWE Tag Team Championships all by himself, chances are he probably could have done just that. In a way, the exact opposite basically happened during his first Tag Team Championship reign in WCW, when Sting singlehandedly won the two of them the belts.

Of course, it's not a surprise WWE overlooks that team since it happened out of their purview. However, Big Show was very much in his home company during his teams with The Miz, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, Kane, and Billy Gunn, and all but that last one likewise became Tag Team Championships in reigns that are mostly forgotten today.

9 Kalisto and Sin Cara Were The Lucha Dragons

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Quite frankly, given how their careers have gone since breaking up, it's a little confusing why WWE hasn't decided to put Sin Cara and Kalisto back together. There was certainly nothing wrong with The Lucha Dragons, and the fact they still share extremely similar ring gear and wrestle the same general style makes it seem obvious they should be a team.

Nonetheless, Kalisto and Sin Cara split up back in 2016, with the former heading to the cruiserweight division on 205 Live and the latter, well, not doing a whole lot. Honestly, they still have so much in common that it might be hard to forget their former connection, but the higher ups at WWE certainly seem to have done so.

8 Natalya Was One of the Divas of Doom

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Each passing advancement in the WWE women's wrestling revolution has fans talking about the company possibly reviving the Women's Tag Team Championships for the first time in nearly 30 years.

For whatever reason, though, the fact a handful of female duos existed in the years when such belts weren't around is almost entirely overlooked.

In some cases, this is because the women don't work for the company anymore, but Natalya certainly does, making it odd fans seem to forget her team with Beth Phoenix, collectively known as the Divas of Doom. Granted, this could be because Phoenix is retired, and WWE at least allowed her former partner the honor of being the woman to induct her into the Hall of Fame.

7 Aiden English Was an Original Vaudevillain

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Considering the circumstances in which Simon Gotch left the WWE Universe, the Vaudevillains are another case of it not being all that surprising they would end up on a list like this one. That Aiden English quickly moved on to another partner and gimmick as part of Rusev Day is another reason the high concept throwback duo doesn't get mentioned much.

Throw in the fact that Gotch and English only held one piece of gold in the company in the NXT Tag Team Championships, and calling them forgotten may merely be an extension of the fact that they were somewhat forgettable when still together. Then again, their characters were just unique enough that there are probably a few fans who do remember them.

6 Xavier Woods and R-Truth Were Team Pacman

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Unlike the duo of Eric Young and Bobby Roode, the mere fact Xavier Woods and R-Truth first got together in TNA isn't enough to explain why WWE forgets about them today. While Team Pacman was arguably the duo's greatest success, with Truth and the man then known as Consequences Creed having defended the TNA Tag Team Championships on football player Pacman Jones's behalf more than once, they also continued their duo in WWE after both men jumped ship.

Then again, the fact Woods has since gone on to form part of the most successful WWE tag team in recent memory as one-third of The New Day while Truth is pretty much a joke probably explains why the company is content to leave this one in the past.

5 Primo Teamed with Carlito Before Epico

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To this day, Primo is still in a relatively successful tag team with his cousin Epico, perhaps making his placement on the list a little bit confusing for some fans. That said, older audiences might tune in to SmackDown next week and get confused at the fact Epico is there, considering Primo's first two years in the WWE Universe were spent teaming with another relative in his brother, Carlito.

Although Primo and Epico have been together as a unit much longer, it could be argued the first Colón family tag team was more successful, having been the duo to original unify the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Championships. Chances are the only reason this team doesn't get brought up anymore is to alleviate potential confusion.

4 Naomi Was a Funkadactyl

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While there's no particularly good reason for WWE to ignore Beth Phoenix and Natalya's pairing as the Divas of Doom, the fact they happily overlook Naomi's humble origins in the Funkadactyls makes a lot of sense. Nowadays, Naomi is one of the more respected female wrestlers on SmackDown, with two reigns as Women's Champion and the distinction as the first ever winner of the WrestleMania Women's Battle Royale.

However, back when she was teaming with Cameron as Brodus Clay's dancing valets, she was, well, Brodus Clay's dancing valet. Even after the Funkadactyl's started wrestling as a team, fans still saw them as mere backup dancers, and would likely see Naomi that way now if they ever brought it up again.

3 Curtis Axel’s First B-Team Was Formed with Ryback

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For all his current success in the tag division with The B-Team, third-generation superstar Curtis Axel's previous efforts at finding a partner didn't work out that well for either party. Shortly after getting rejected as a Paul Heyman Guy back in 2013, Axel teamed up with another Heyman expat in Ryback, collectively known by the somewhat silly name RybAxel.

Their name was hardly the only problem, as the two superstars didn't quit gel as a unit, only lasting a few short months and coming up short in their only WWE Tag Team Championship shot. Not that it was entirely their fault, as the team split when Ryback suffered an injury, and both moved on to other things when he returned.

2 Corey Graves Teamed with Neville in NXT

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Having been seated behind the announcers booth in NXT, Raw, and SmackDown for the majority of his mainstream career, it's probably easy to forget Corey Graves was a wrestler at all, let alone one in a successful duo. Throw in the fact his former NXT Tag Team Championship winning partner Neville has been gone from the company for nearly a full year now, and it's hardly a surprise that WWE doesn't bring up their unit all that often.

On that note, it's also worth pointing out Neville had another team with fellow British superstar Oliver Grey, and that team was even more notable as the first ever NXT Tag Team Champions. Should Neville ever make his long awaited comeback, it'll be interesting to see if either of these duos get mentioned.

1 Kane Was in a Half Dozen Random Teams

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For all the talk about Kane being the Devil's Favorite Demon, who brings hellfire and brimstone wherever he goes, in many respects, the man has always been at his absolute best with a partner. For this reason, WWE has teamed him up with a whole bunch of them over the years, with some of them becoming far more memorable than others. Fans certainly recall Team Hell No for being the most recent (they may even still be considered active).

Kane's turn with The Undertaker as The Brothers of Destruction is also unforgettable given their shared place in history. However, Tag Team Championship winning units with The Hurricane, Rob Van Dam, X-Pac, Mankind, and The Big Show pretty much all faded away from history like a pile of ash in the wind.

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