10 Current WWE Stars You Didn’t Know Are Parents

With fans having more access than ever to the personal lives of WWE Superstars, most happen to be familiar with the lifestyle of these wrestlers. While many are constantly discussing and showing off their kids through social media posts, other wrestlers choose to maintain a low profile.

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By now, everyone knows that The Miz and Maryse are parents, for instance, but there are a number of Superstars that will surely catch readers off guard. It's safe to say that the number of parents on the roster is far higher than one would expect. Here are 10 current WWE stars you didn't know are parents!

10 Robert Roode

The newly-renamed Robert Roode isn't as active as his peers on social media. While he does tweet from time to time, he mostly keeps it related to WWE, rather than his personal life. What many fans will find surprising is that he has three kids, all of whom are out of the limelight.

Roode is among the Superstars who don't share much regarding their family, although he does mention his kids in interviews. There are only two photos available of his children around the web, as Roode uses his platform to promote matches and events rather than personal matters.

9 Jey Uso

Unlike his brother Jimmy, who is much more visible in the public eye, Jey tends to shy away from the camera in comparison. While the former is constantly featured on Total Divas, along with Naomi, Jey has only made some rare appearances, and he didn't get plenty of air time anyway.

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Jey and his wife currently have two kids and the happy family has been pictured on a few occasions. Unlike some couples in WWE, they lean towards the private side. Most fans already knew that Jimmy has kids by now, not realizing that Jey also some of his own.

8 Rowan

One half of the SmackDown Tag Team Champions, Rowan has been making his mark on SmackDown. As an ally of Daniel Bryan, the two Superstars have unleashed a force that could be around for some time.

When it comes to life away from the squared circle, Rowan doesn't share plenty of updates, aside from a few photos behind the scenes or related to his general interests. He currently has two kids who have only been seen in the photo above. Although Rowan does post some pictures with his wife on social media, his children remain out of the spotlight for now.

7 Lacey Evans

Lacey Evans only made it to the main roster in 2018, so she hasn't been in the limelight for a long time. As she continues to progress in the WWE, fans will come to learn more about her. What may surprise many is that Evans is currently married and has a daughter who appears on her Instagram every now and then.

Evans' daughter was sometimes present backstage during her time in NXT, appearing in a number of photos from behind the scenes. With Evans' exposure gaining traction with every passing month, fans will learn more information about her as time goes on.

6 Brock Lesnar

Despite being the WWE's biggest draw as well as a celebrity outside of the ring, Brock Lesnar has maintained a very private life for the most part. Known for disliking the media attention, Lesnar only shows up when he's booked to fight whether it's in the WWE or UFC.

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Most fans are well aware that he is married to former WWE Diva Sable by now, although they may be unaware that the couple has two sons together. Lesnar also had a daughter with an ex-girlfriend from the early 2000s, so he has taken on the role of a parent since his arrival into the WWE.

5 Curtis Axel

The former WWE Intercontinental champion and two-time Raw Tag Team Champion has been a member of the WWE roster for a decade now, but only recently have fans learned a bit more about his personal life outside of the ring. In previous years, Axel wasn't quite as active on social media, nor did he post many updates pertaining to his personal life.

But if you happen to follow Axel on Twitter, then it is very likely that you have seen his kids by now. Axel has three sons who appear to already be huge fans of wrestling, as they always attend WWE shows.

4 R-Truth

Make no mistake about it: R-Truth makes his presence known across various social media platforms, sharing plenty of tidbits with the WWE Universe through posts and stories. Most of his activity revolves around WWE programming from short promos to random selfies.

He keeps his personal life outside of the public eye for the most part unless the family happens to be attending an event. R-Truth has two daughters, both of whom were born in the past five years. Not much is known about his family aside from his marriage to his wife in 2011, as well as the birth of his children.

3 Mickie James

During James' first stint with the company, some personal information made it to the media and it affected her career in the WWE. After moving on from the company and working for TNA, she met her future husband, Nick Aldis, with whom she has a son today.

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James seems to have maintained a more private life since her first run with the WWE. This time around, her role is much different in the company and, not to mention, her relationship status as well. With James set to turn 40 years old later during the summer, it's safe to say that parenthood suits her thus far.

2 Bobby Lashley

Most fans will be shocked to learn that Bobby Lashley was already a parent by the time he made his debut on SmackDown in 2005. His first daughter was born that very same year, so Lashley has been a parent for as long as he has been a professional wrestler as well.

He would go on to have two more kids with his ex-girlfriend and former WWE Diva, Kristall Marshall. Lashley has been active on social media since his return to the WWE, but like many fellow Superstars on this list, he doesn't post many pictures of his children.

1 Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe has been in the public eye since 2005 when he made a name for himself in TNA. But, of course, jumping to the WWE brought new fame that he hadn't previously experienced, and hundreds of thousands of followers along the way.

Even a Google search wouldn't net results for information regarding Joe's personal life, but he has previously stated that he has two sons. This tweet confirms that Joe is indeed a father, a fact that is unknown to most fans of WWE, as well as Joe himself. He has also been married since 2007 when he was still apart of TNA.

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