15 Current WWE Stars Only True Fans Know Have Sisters

It can be interesting to find out the family life of many larger-than-life WWE stars. For many of the top wrestlers, it can be odd to picture them having a family life or having siblings. For wrestlers or performers who often feel so over-the-top, there is something humanizing about finding out they have a sister.

A few interesting tidbits of information spurted up when researching this article. The first is that many of the entrants in this article have siblings who also attempted to get into the wrestling business. In many of the cases we mention here, just one of the siblings involved was able to have much success.

Another notable point which popped up is how often performers from famous wrestling families don't manage to make it as wrestlers. While our TV screens are packed with second, third, and even fourth generation wrestlers every week, what we don't see is all the countless offspring of wrestlers who try, and fail, to work in the family business. It might appear easy for the children of famous wrestlers to make it in WWE or elsewhere but that is just not the case. Here are 15 wrestlers only die-hard fans know have sisters.

15 Natalya (Jenni Neidhart)

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Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart has three daughters but only one of them would turn out to be a wrestler. That she would go on to be one of the most respected and experienced female wrestlers of all time goes without saying.

Nattie has two sisters, one older and one younger. Her older sister is a gourmet chef in Calgary. Her younger sister is affectionately known as Muffy. Neither of her sisters seemed to entertain the idea of possibly going into sports entertainment, however.

Natalya is one of the most successful female wrestlers of all-time. She has now been on WWE's main roster for a decade. Basically, now a player/coach for the women's divisions, WWE gifted Natalya several mementos of the first ever women's Royal Rumble match for her efforts.

14 Roman Reigns (Vanessa, Summer & Myritza)

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Roman Reigns has three sisters and apparently is close with all of them. Last year, following the death of his brother Matt "Rosey" Anoa'i, Roman talked to WWE.com about how important family life is to him.

Roman's sisters are named Vanessa, Summer, and Myritza. They are all members of the legendary Anoa'i family. The Anoa'i family has produced some of the most well known wrestling names in the world and includes Afa, Sika, Yokozuna, Samu, Rikishi, and others. Sometimes The Rock and his grandfather, Peter Maivia, get grouped in with the family as well as he was considered blood brothers with the Anoa'i family. Rock technically does not have Anoa'i blood in him, however. Haku and Jimmy Snuka also are often grouped in with the family for similar reasons.

13 Lana (Hadassah Perry)

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Lana has even filmed a show based on her relationship with her sister. That the show doesn't involve her real sister is a bit peculiar, though. The web series follows Lana (CJ Perry) and her "sister" (Rene Lovit) as they seek to achieve their goal of empowering women across the world.

Lana's actual sister is named Hadassah, and they are said to be quite close even today as Lana tours the world with WWE. Hadassah made an appearance on Total Divas in the episode that focused on Rusev and Lana's wedding. You can find photos of the two online, Lana's sister also has an Instagram account open to the public. As you'll see, they are quite similar looking.

12 Alicia Fox (Christina Crawford)

Alicia Fox's sister, Christina Crawford, was in WWE's developmental system for a time but she was cut before she could make it to the main roster. She competed under the name Caylee Turner while in WWE's system. She also served as a cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

WWE first got a look at Christina in 2010, four years after they had signed her big sister. She wrestled in Florida Championship Wrestling and then competed on Tough Enough in 2011. WWE released her from her contract in August of 2011, however. Crawford didn't have all her eggs in the WWE basket, however. She got her degree while training with WWE and upon graduating got her cheerleading gig with the Bucs.

As for Alicia Fox, WWE originally signed her almost 12 years ago. This June will be her decade long anniversary on the main roster.

11 Bayley (Brenda Martinez)

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Hello, Bayley's sister! It's a shame that Brenda Martinez did not seem to grow up as big a wrestling fan as her sister Pamela aka Bayley did. Otherwise, we might have both Martinez sisters on our television screens weekly. Alas, it appears Bayley was the only WWE fan of the two growing up.

Bayley and her sister resemble each other quite a bit and also appear to be unique from one another in other ways.

Sasha Banks and Bayley have been a little like sisters over the years. Things between the two have gotten as complicated as the relationships between biological sisters often do as well. Bayley eliminated Sasha Banks from the first-ever women's WrestleMania battle royal recently. Still, the relationship between the two has only progressed to "frenemy" status and has yet to blossom into a full-blown rivalry.

10 Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt (Mika Rotunda)

We all know that Bray Wyatt has a sister named Abigail but he and Bo Dallas have another sister named Mika Rotunda, who just so happens to also be employed by WWE. Including father, Mike Rotunda, aka IRS, that makes four members of this family all employed by the same company.

Mika is employed as a backstage producer of sorts. She graduated with a degree in broadcasting and was working with a local Tampa radio station when WWE hired her last year. It was also reported she had tried out as a ring announcer in 2015. Her social media game is strong too and she loves to talk wrestling! She definitely has her family's characteristic knack for being entertaining.

9 Daniel Bryan (Kelly Marlene Sutera, Billie Sue Deck & Jeri Ann Nagala)

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You might remember one of Daniel Bryan's three sisters. She entered the ring along with her daughter to help Bryan celebrate his WWE World Heavyweight Championship victory at WrestleMania XXX.

Kelly Marlene Sutera, Billie Sue Deck, and Jeri Ann Nagala are the three women who are Bryan's sisters. His family has made several appearances on WWE programming, be it on Total Divas, WWE 24, or other WWE programs. When Bryan was forced to retire a couple of years ago, a documentary which aired on the WWE Network showed Bryan being comforted by his family before announcing his retirement to a live audience.

Bryan's three sisters are likely thrilled their brother has been given medical clearance to return to the ring. They must know how much he loves to wrestle.

8 Braun Strowman (Hannah Scherr) 

The family genes in the Strowman family are easy to notice. Braun Strowman's father is considered one of the greatest so slow pitch softball players of all time. He stands 6'5" tall and at the peak of his career, he was weighing 320 pounds. It's not surprising that one of the biggest and strongest wrestlers today has a giant of a father. He also has a sister named Hannah.

Hannah is over six feet tall and resembles her brother to a certain extent. If Hannah so desired, she could probably enter WWE's women's division and make sure that several on the roster are able to "get her hands". Perhaps the brother-sister combo could enter the next edition of the Mixed Match Challenge tournament. After all, Strowman does need a new tag team partner now that his WrestleMania partner, Nicholas, had to return to the fourth grade.

7 Ronda Rousey (Maria Burns-Ortiz, Jennifer Rousey, and Julia DeMars)

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Ronda Rousey is the daughter of AnnMaria De Mars, a judo legend and former gold medal winner at the 1984 World Judo tournament. She has three sisters total, Maria Burns-Ortiz, Jennifer Rousey, and Julia DeMars.

Rousey's father, Ronald Rousey, passed away when she was young. He suffered a bad accident in 1995 and dealt with chronic pain. Ronald Rousey ended his life when Ronda was just a kid.

On another note, her youngest sister was snubbed by Justin Bieber at an awards show in 2015. Her sister wanted to have her picture taken with the Biebs but he evidently told the Rousey clan he had already taken a billion photos and walked off on them. Ronda spoke out against the Biebs as a result and said she is no longer a fan of his. Ronda is fiercely loyal and that includes to her sisters.

6 Curtis Axel (Amy Hennig)

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Amy Hennig is the sister of Curtis Axel and the daughter of Mr. Perfect, Curt Hennig. She had wrestling ambitions herself but it does not appear much ever panned out for her. She wrestled her last match (that can be found anyway) in 2010.

Amy attended a camp held by Harley Race along with her brother but she reportedly didn't impress too many of the scouts. Meanwhile, her brother Joe, would get a chance with the WWE and he remains with the company. While he is a perennial bottom of the rankings type wrestler now, there was a time when Joe Hennig was a can't-miss prospect. In his role, Curtis Axel is an excellent performer.

5 The Usos (Thavana Monalisa Fatu)

Jimmy and Jey Uso have a sister who just so happens to be the daughter of their father Rikishi, as that is how family relations work. Unfortunately, the rare mentions of her in the media are usually for negative things.

Sevina Fatu has been involved in a tumultuous relationship with former NFL Running Back, Trent Richardson. The couple has four kids together but appears to have a complicated relationship. Richardson has been arrested for domestic violence towards Sevina and she has been charged with intentionally ramming Richardson's car with her own while he was inside. Father Rikishi did mention his daughter via social media months ago but we don't expect the Usos to do the same given he rocky past.

4 Charlotte Flair (Megan Fliehr) 

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Charlotte Flair has a sister named Megan. Listeners to any of Conrad Thompson's many podcasts will know that he is engaged to be married into the Flair family through Megan. His most famous podcast is the Something to Wrestle With show with Bruce Pritchard.

Charlotte was very close with her brother, Reid, however. His death was said to have had a big impact on Charlotte as well as Ric and served as the catalyst for Charlotte deciding to go into wrestling herself. It was Reid's dream to be a wrestler and when he died it became Charlotte's dream too.

As of this writing, it has been an up and down couple of weeks for Charlotte. After defeating Asuka at WrestleMania, Charlotte lost her SmackDown Women's Championship to Carmella.

3 Goldust & Cody Rhodes (Teli Runnels & Kristen Runnels)

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The Rhodes/Runnels family includes two daughters you probably haven't heard much about. Neither Teli Runnels nor Kristen Runnels Ditto has been in the media much but they are the daughters of Dusty Rhodes and the sisters of Dustin and Cody. They are the daughters of the son of a plumber.

Teil is the younger sister of the two. She began a campaign in 2015 to have Dusty awarded an Emmy. Considering all the work he did on television through the years, she's probably got a point. Kristen Runnels Ditto, the older sister, was a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader for two seasons. The Rhodes family resides near Dallas and are big Cowboy fans. It doesn't appear as though either Teil or Kristen ever had much interest in getting into wrestling despite their family's long tradition in it.

2 Tamina Snuka (Ata & Liana Snuka) 

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Tamina's full name is a lengthy one, Sarona Moana-Marie Reiher Snuka. Her older brother was Deuce from Deuce and Domino, an unpopular tag-team from the 2000s. Liana and Ata Snuka are Tamina's sisters.

Father Jimmy Snuka never went to trial for the death of Nancy Argentino. For decades, he was never brought up on charges despite suspicion. Nancy was Snuka's girlfriend in 1983 and she passed away of a traumatic head injury. There were suspicions that Jimmy played a role, though nothing was ever determined officially. It's hard to know who Jimmy Snuka was without knowing what happened on that day.

An interesting tidbit about Tamina is that she is also the mother of two kids, one being a teen that already surpasses her in height.

1 Brock Lesnar (Brandi Nichol Lesnar)

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For reasons we can't fully comprehend, it's weird that Brock Lesnar has a sister. There's something about someone so larger than life looking having a sister that seems so humanizing.

Lesnar grew up with two older brothers and one younger sister. Can you imagine his older brothers even attempting to bully young Brock? The family lived on a dairy farm in South Dakota. Lesnar originally attempted to join the Army National Guard. It had been young Brock's goal of getting to work with explosives. That's sort of a scary thought isn't it? Unfortunately for Brock, he was denied the opportunity to do so after the Army discovered he has a red-green color-blindness. He ended up flunking a typing test and that was the end of his Army career. He opted to go to college and wrestle instead. Aside from photos of his parents, pics of his other family members are tough to come by. The Lesnars enjoy the private life it appears!

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