10 Current WWE Tag Teams Who Need New Names (And The 10 Worst Tag Names Ever)

A name can make or break a career in the wrestling industry. Take Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Gobbledy Gooker. Without even knowing who these wrestlers are, you can tell just by the name which one is legit and which is an absolute joke. The same holds true for wrestling tag teams. The B-Team doesn’t sound all that great. However, Demolition or The Legion of Doom sounds amazing. In truth, the names of these teams followed their trajectories. However, in this article, we are specifically looking at the worst tag names of all-time. It is no surprise that these duos didn’t do all that well in the win column either. There is definitely an association there.

On the flip side, we will  also take a contemporary look at duos that need a new name and perhaps in some cases, a completely different identity. This can be struggling teams or a duo that is need of a change due to a lengthy run with the same moniker. Wrestling is all about adapting and for some teams, a new name change can give them that luxury.

Enjoy the article folks, as we take a look at some of the worst names in WWE’s tag team history. You won’t see names like The Hart Foundation or Four Horsemen in this article. We will also include 10 current teams that need a new name. Let’s get started folks!

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20 Current: The B-Team

via wwe.com


It's hard to believe the WWE had former Tag Team Champions called the B-Team. That’s really a testament to how bad the current RAW Tag Team Division really is these days.

Truth be told, both Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel deserve a lot better, especially in terms of their tag team name. For whatever reason, the company constantly dismisses the fact that these two are third generation wrestlers, coming from prior greatness. If the company wants to make these two legit, change their team name to The Third Generation. That will give them a lot more credibility while playing off their brilliant family legacies.

19 Worst Ever: The Hype Bros

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In the summer of 2015, The Hype Bros made their NXT debut as a team. Just to give you an idea on how long ago that was, the two defeated Elias and a wrestler that is no longer with the company these days. Such an outcome would not take place today.

Not only did the team fail but the name might have been the worst part. The Hype Bros was such a lazy name and something that might have worked in the '80s or early-'90s WWE. In this day and age, it just came across as tacky. In their defense, the act wasn’t given a fair shot with this name and gimmick.

18 Current: The Boss 'n' Hug Connection

via WWE

With the Women’s Tag Team Championship coming soon, we can expect a lot of new tag team names in the near future. The likes of Sasha Banks and Bayley have already started brainstorming on potential names. The one they seem to use is The Boss 'n' Hug Connection. That sounds like a lame copy of The Rock 'n’ Sock Connection from back in the day.

These two need a more modern era and catchy name. It doesn’t have to be anything related to being a boss or giving out hugs, just something that suits their identities and has a ring to it.

17 Worst Ever: The Mexicools

via WCW Worldwide

The Mexicools came out on motorized lawn mowers portraying laborers from Mexico. The idea was just so flawed, and what made matters that much worse is the fact that the three men behind the gimmick were incredibly talented. This is a prime example that a bad name and gimmick can completely sink a group of wrestlers no matter how talented they are.

None of the three lasted. In just a mere couple of years Psicosis, Super Crazy and Juventud were all out of the WWE, in large part, thanks to this faulty name and identity.

16 Current: Lucha House Party

via Reddit

You would think WWE learned their lesson choosing bad names for undersized tag teams. That doesn’t appear to be the case. Especially considering the stable name of the Lucha House Party. Again, this sounds like something circa early to mid-'90s.

Instead of having such a typical and PG friendly name, this team needs something legitimate. Why not cater to Gran Metalik and Kalisto’s background from Mexico? Call them, the LWO! Now that would turn a lot of heads while selling a great amount of merchandise.

15 Worst Ever: Slater Gator

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This is a common theme we have seen in the past. When the WWE doesn’t know what to do with certain Superstars, they have them form a team together. That’s the case nowadays with the likes of Bobby Roode and Chad Gable. It was also the case a couple of years ago with teams like The Social Outcasts and who can forget, Slater Gator.

At the very least, it gave Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil something to do. However, this unit wasn’t anywhere near 3MB or the Prime Time Players. The downfall started with that name. How can anyone take Slater Gator seriously?

14 Current: The Riott Squad

via WWE

The Riott Squad isn’t the worst name on the lis. In fact, it kind of makes sense given that they “run riot” any chance they get. The team’s recent ambush on Natalya demonstrated that.

However, the name lacks in the fact that it clearly promotes one of the stable members, Ruby Riott, while the likes of Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan are usually completely forgotten about. The name needs to be more general putting a focus on all three of these talents. Though in truth, it might be a little too late to make such a drastic change.

13 Worst Ever: League Of Nations

via WWE

This concept had Vince McMahon written all over it. Four under-achieving wrestlers joining forces. Collectively, they were known as the League of Nations. Although they were booked with a strong push early on, that would later subside.

The name itself did not to help the group either, if anything, it only hurt them. Once again, McMahon turned to the nationality card, creating a group of foreign heels. This would have worked against Hulk Hogan in the early '90s but in the 2000s. Trying such a stable name and team concept is just so outdated. No wonder they lasted a mere four months.

12 Current: Anderson and Gallows

via WWE

Whether it be Anderson and Gallows or The Club, neither of those team names seem to be working on a WWE stage. Although the two are beloved talents behind the scenes, they have struggled in the ring, unable to find a consistent persona. In the world of pro wrestling, that’s the kiss of death.

Why not completely reinvent the duo and call them, The Insiders? Similar to the APA back in the day, the two would serve as protectors for the likes of SmackDown GM Paige and others. It can be an angle to finally given them an identity while even providing the show with some comedic relief with their “insider” antics behind the scenes.

11 Worst Ever: Head Cheese

via WWE

The Attitude Era gets a lot of praise and glory for its edgy content and must-watch skits. However, what most fans tend to forget is that the era also featured a lot of bad. A lot of bad. RAW in particular featured a lot of meaningless skits, one-hit wonder wrestlers and tag teams fans barely remember.

One of them featured Steve Blackman and Al Snow. The two mid-carders formed a team called, Head Cheese. Blackman hated the idea which which made the gimmick a comedic one every time they entered the ring under the name. It was funny when we watched as youngsters but not so funny once we grew older looking back.

10 Current: Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

via wwe.com

This tag team was so rushed and forced that they didn’t even come up with a name for the duo. In truth, the partnership makes little sense. If the company wanted Bobby Roode in the Tag Team Division, why not revive the Beer Money Inc. concept that was a massive success with TNA?

Instead of dragging poor Chad Gable into the scenario, why not rehire James Storm to play the role of Roode’s tag partner? The reaction alone would make it totally worth it and overall, it would make a lot more sense.

9 Worst Ever: Gymini

via Tumblr

Those that remember Gymini associate the team as the bald dudes that looked alike. You would think WWE would cater to that. While in OVW, they were named The Shane Twins, which made perfect sense given that their real names, Mike and Todd Shane.

Inexplicably, they transformed into Gymini. A name that made no sense whatsoever and one that made them easily forgettable. They came out with generic black tights looking reminiscent to Goldberg. They were better off being called “The Goldbergs” at that point.

8 Current: The Colons

via popculture.com

At this point, WWE might be running out of names for Primo and Epico. The very worst of the bunch has to be The Shining Stars. They were portraying travel agents with that gimmick, and, man, was it ever bad. In truth, this team can easily make both sides of the list. Other names they used include: Los Matadores, Prime and Epico and their current name, The Colons.

It's hard to believe that Los Matadores was the name that caught the most heat among the WWE fans and a lot of that has to do with El Torito.

7 Worst Ever: Well Dunn

via whatculture.com

The mid-'90s was a weird time for tag team names. It featured the likes of The Heavenly Bodies, The Headbangers, The Headshrinkers and The Blu Brothers. As if those names weren’t bad enough, the team of Well Dunn takes the cake, and eats it as well. The team included Rex King and Steve Doll.

They somehow managed to flirt around the Tag Team Championship scene, but were not victorious. Can you imagine the record books having a team known as Well Dunn? Nope.

6 Current: The Ascension

via reddit.com

The Ascension served as a stern warning to the rest of the NXT roster that developmental success doesn’t necessarily translate to the main roster. The Ascension name was a feared one with Hunter’s brand. Heck, they barely lost a match and the duo became the most dominant team in NXT history.

The same name value completely plummeted on the main roster. What was once a feared tag team name turned into an absolutely ridiculed lower card act. These guys not only need a name change, but a complete identity change.

5 Worst Ever: ShoMiz

via pinterest.com

Unlike the other duos, this team was pretty decent and won the Unified Tag Team Championship. The name however, was totally unoriginal and kind of a copy of Jeri-Show, the team name used by Chris Jericho and Big Show. WWE figured they would use a similar logic slapping The Miz and Show’s name together, forming ShoMiz.

It was lazy, unoriginal and it gave a celeb feel to the group, one that Big Show knows nothing about (unlike A-lister and reality star The Miz). Maybe the team would have been remembered had they used a better name.

4 Current: Breezango

via cagesideseats.com

When a tag team has run its course, it is simply time to move on from said team. That might be the case with Breezango. The act worked up until a certain point. With Fandango on the sidelines, this might be the ideal time to recreate this team from scratch, with an entirely new identity. Tyler Breeze in particular is so talented, why not give this team a legit shot?

In all likelihood, that won’t happen and once Fandango returns, it is almost certain that they will keep using this outdated name.

3 Worst Ever: Rybaxel

via dailymotion.com

When looking back at Curtis Axel’s career, this is when things began to fall apart. Axel dropped the Intercontinental Championship and he was never the same again. He was from then on relegated to a lower tier comedic act. It all started when he joined forces with Ryback and became Rybaxel.

Their run together was real bad but the team name might have been worse. Axel then went on to form the AxelMania gimmick, one that was a lot better than Rybaxel. At the very least, it have us a good laugh.

2 Current: The Usos

via WWE

The Usos isn’t a bad name in the slightest. Instead, it is a great name and one synonymous with one of the great teams of the modern era. However, as time goes by, teams must do their best to recreate themselves, especially those that have been together for so much time. It has been almost a decade since The Usos debuted as a unit with WWE.

That said, it might be time to freshen things up a bit and use a new identity. It can give them some added longevity.

1 Worst Ever: Deuce ‘n Domino

via Tumblr

What’s truly ridiculous about this duo is the fact that their names prior to joining the main roster might have been worse. They went by The Untouchables and later, The Throwbacks. Two generic names a 70-year-old man playing a WWE game might come up with.

Maybe it was that same 70-year-old man that came up with this name, Deuce ‘n Domino. It was just so outdated. The two portrayed Grease-type characters. The harsh reality is that the duo had success, winning the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

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