10 Current WWE Employees Who Might Join AEW Once Their Contracts Are Up

For the first time in a very long time, WWE isn't the only game in wrestling town. AEW presents itself as a true alternative that has garnered huge amounts of attention and praise. Sometimes, the grass truly is greener on the other side, where wrestlers can be wrestlers and not "entertainers," and have their voices be heard. Furthermore, major mishaps like the recent Saudi airplane debacle certainly don't help company morale in WWE.

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Who is likely to jump ship? This is all purely speculation. We might think wrestlers want more freedom as Jon Moxley did, but at the end of the day, it's a job; if WWE pays them well, they might just settle for being jobbers, getting paid good money for the top wrestling company in the world.

10 Luke Harper

We're getting an obvious one out of the way first. Poor Luke Harper just wants to wrestle and show his talents to the world. Vince just doesn't see any money in Harper, besides as a tag team specialist and a crony to bigger stars, so he's never gotten the push (or airtime) he deserves.

AEW would be a perfect fit for Harper. Not only do they need some bigger dudes on their roster, they'd also be getting someone who can absolutely tear the house down with any opponent. Hopefully us including him on this list doesn't mean WWE adds more months to Luke's contract...

9 The Hardys

Why not?

The Hardyz have captured every tag title they could in WWE (unless there's an NXT run in them...). Even though they achieved their biggest successes in WWE, nothing is stopping them from going to AEW to spread the Hardy love in their excellent tag team division, adding a few more tag title reigns to their resume.

This would be especially welcomed by fans if it meant Matt got creative control over his character. It's a shame Matt hasn't been used since his brother got injured earlier in the year because we know he's capable of gold.

8 Cesaro

Most likely to have the best match on the card: Cesaro. Most likely to make their opponent look like a million bucks: Cesaro. Most likely to have their talent wasted: Cesaro.

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The man can do it all, from high-flying maneuvers to ridiculous feats of strength, and yet he still does not have Vince's seal of approval to be a main eventer. Sure, his mic skills are lacking, and he can be a bit bland personality-wise, but look at how AEW has made Jack freakin' Swagger into a legit monster. They can definitely do the same with Cesaro. Also, please inject Cesaro vs Kenny Omega into our veins, thanks.

7 Sasha Banks

Maybe she was working us the whole time. Maybe she truly was unhappy with her direction. Maybe both. Whatever the case, Sasha is a true wild card, and we can totally see her jumping ship in the future. While she's often included in important storylines and recently got a shot against The Man in an excellent Hell in a Cell match, The Boss' booking in WWE is still lacking.

AEW's women's division needs a bit of a boost, a recognizable face that would lend it some star power. Sasha would instantly become its top star, and she would be the perfect wrestler to build the division around for years to come.

6 Rusev

Man, poor Rusev. Every time the Bulgarian Brute makes a return to the ring, he's given very poor material to work with. It started off with a terrible Maria Kannelis-baby daddy storyline that quickly went nowhere fast, and now it's transitioned to the equally bad, if not worse, extramarital affair angle with his wife Lana and the charisma-less Lashley.

Rusev is capable of so much more - just look at how popular Rusev Day became! Of course, WWE didn't capitalize on it, because reasons. You know who would make this man a star? AEW. Although he's getting some decent screen time with this dumb angle, Rusev has expressed his unhappiness before, and we wouldn't be surprised to see him follow Dean Ambrose to greener pastures.

5 Samoa Joe

As a former TNA star, Samoa Joe hasn't exactly won over Vince McMahon, unlike AJ Styles. Frankly, it doesn't seem like Joe will ever reach the heights his talent is destined for in the WWE, so why not try his hand at AEW?

While not a stereotypical WWE musclehead, Samoa Joe is still a big boy who can hang with the talented roster on AEW. Can you imagine the awesome matches we can get against Jon Moxley, Kenny Omega, The Lucha Bros, Adam Page, and PAC? We can already hear the "JOE!" chants.

4 Sami Zayn

The fact that Sami Zayn hasn't won a single title in the WWE since his main roster debut is unforgivable. It's too bad he doesn't have the look Vince wants from his top talent, as Zayn is probably one of the best workers in WWE, whether it's in the ring or on the mic. To add to that last point, why isn't he wrestling? He's great as Nakamura's mouthpiece, but he's way too talented to be relegated to ringside duties.

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All this, and we haven't even touched on the issues presented to Sami by WWE's deal with Saudi Arabia. Just head to AEW, Sami; it'll be better for all parties involved.

3 The Revival

Sure, The Revival have won a few tag titles and had some decent programs, even teaming with Randy Orton, but at the end of the day, they still proudly flaunt #FTR. For those not in the know, that stands for Free The Revival.

Free them from what, you may ask? WWE's mediocre booking and lack of a serious tag team division. And guess who can provide them with both? AEW. With their contracts supposedly expiring in early 2020, expect to see one of the best tag teams in the world take their talents to a promotion that emphasizes its tag team division.

2 EC3

Oh EC3, how far you've fallen. To say he was given a chance and squandered it, sure, but that's not the case at all. WWE wanted to spice things up before WrestleMania 35, and they prematurely brought in some NXT talents, EC3 being one of them. He's done nothing but lose to WWE's bottom feeders, presented as a complete joke.

It's so confusing because EC3 has everything Vince wants in his guys: he's good looking, chiseled, and really good on the mic. If WWE doesn't know what to do with him, we know another promotion that might.

1 Apollo Crews

Talk about another wasted talent. As is the case with many other entries on this list, Apollo Crews is a tremendous performer that hasn't gotten his dues, mostly because he lacks charisma. Instead of helping him get over, WWE just uses Crews as a jobber, which is such a waste.

He's not suddenly going to become world championship material, but he's definitely capable of being a solid hand (sorry, Shawn Spears) that can bring some size and sizzle to AEW.

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