Curt Hawkins' Losing Streak Reaches 100 Matches

Finn Balor has revealed to the world that his WWE co-star Curt Hawkins' losing streak has now reached a total of 100 matches.

Curt Hawkins has been in and out of WWE for much of his career, but never really enjoyed more than a little tag team success there. Hawkins returned to the company for a third time in 2016 following a series of vignettes showcasing Chuck Norris-like facts about himself. It felt like WWE was building him up to be more than he had been during his previous stints with the company but alas, up until now that has not been the case.

Hawkins re-signed with WWE a little over a year ago—July 21, 2016 to be exact—and since then, has gone on to lose 100 consecutive matches. Hawkins'current losing streak didn't begin all the way back in July however, and the current Raw Superstar has actually chalked up a win against Apollo Crews in that time. Since then though, whether he has been on Raw or SmackDown Live, Hawkins has not been on the winning end of things.

Balor shed a spot light on Hawkins' current losing streak, as I'm sure Hawkins greatly appreciates, via Twitter over the weekend. The first ever Universal Champion posted a selfie of himself with a dejected looking Hawkins in the background throwing up a less than enthusiastic "Too Sweet" for the camera.

As touched upon briefly above Hawkins has been an on and off WWE Superstar for a long time. His first stint began in 2006, then in 2013, he joined NXT's ranks. His role in WWE's developmental system was very similar to the one he has now, losing to Superstars that will ascend to a higher platform than him. Considering how highly many of his co-workers speak of him it's surprising that Hawkins would settle for such a role in the company, whether it be on NXT or the main roster.

WWE might want to take a look at Balor's Twitter sometime soon and perhaps do something with Hawkins' losing streak before it's too late. At the moment, nothing is being made of Hawkins' streak, and WWE would be missing a trick if they didn't change that. 100 losses in a row is a pretty impressive, for lack of a better word, and WWE's realization of that could lead to a story line where Hawkins desperately goes in search of a way to break that run.

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