Dana Warrior Responds to Dolph Ziggler's Mocking Of Ultimate Warrior

Dolph Ziggler has been adamant that the WWE Universe has it all wrong. Instead of cheering for wrestlers who come out to fancy music and a spectacle of lights, the fans should respect the wrestlers and their ability in the ring, not their gimmick outside of it.

To prove his point, Ziggler has been impersonating entrances of wrestlers past and present, mocking their portrayal of a unique personality and bad-mouthing each one as he tries to draw attention to himself. On a recent episode of SmackDown LiveZiggler used former wrestling icon The Ultimate Warrior as an example.

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The Warrior used to enter the ring at lightning speed. Covered in face paint, sporting arm tassels and sprinting down to the squared-circle to shake the ropes and intimidate his opponents with a flurry of adrenaline, Warrior became a legend. While he wasn't known as the WWE's greatest in-ring worker, he was a fan favorite and hugely popular with kids, eventually winning the WWE Title off of Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania VI.

As a wrestler, Ziggler claimed The Warrior couldn't lace up his boots and then went to the backstage area, waited for the music to hit and came out with an Ultimate Warrior mask, tassels and mocking move set to poke fun at the recently deceased WWE Hall of Famer. It didn't sit well with Warrior's widow, Dana Warrior, who was front row at the event.

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One has to assume that the WWE would run this idea by Dana before performing something so insulting on live television. If they didn't that's a shame. If they did, Dana was fully in on the act, standing, booing, and giving a thumbs-down to Ziggler as he paraded around the ring and eventually shook the ropes. She even took to social media to voice her displeasure.

Dana has been a big part of the WWE since her husband's passing. She's actively touring for the WWE to promote initiatives and is central in the promotion of the Women's Revolution, Connor's Cure, and was in attendance that evening as part of the Mae Young Classic Finals.

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