Dana White Thinks Brock Lesnar Will Give UFC 'One More Run'

There have been quite a few success stories when it comes to crossover stars between the worlds of professional wrestling and mixed martial arts. As far back as Ken Shamrock, there are examples of performers who have not only dabbled in both worlds, but had success in them. Sonya Deville and Shayna Baszler are proving that can still be done to this day on Raw and NXT respectively.

While all of the names above have had and continue to enjoy great careers, there is one athlete who stands above all others when it comes to crossover stars between the two worlds. That man is Brock Lesnar. The Beast Incarnate has gone back and forth between WWE and UFC, earning the accolade of World Champion in both companies.

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As it stands Lesnar is a WWE Superstar of course, but UFC President Dana White doesn't believe that the Universal Champion is done with the octagon just yet. White recently spoke with the New York Post about Lesnar saying that the former UFC Heavyweight Champion 'loves to fight', and because of that he will probably 'give it one more run' in UFC.

White was also asked about two other hot cross over topics, CM Punk and Ronda Rousey. White is currently working on getting Punk another fight in UFC, although there is no opponent or date set as of right now. He believes that Rousey's MMA days may be numbered though. Whether he's right on that one will probably be a lot clearer this time next week once the first ever women's Royal Rumble match has been and gone.


Brock Lesnar's future is always one that is shrouded in mystery since he is a man who keeps his cards close to his chest. It seems as if The Beast's current WWE contract comes to an end after WrestleMania 34 so exactly what he has planned will become clear after he and the company have rolled through New Orleans. Vince McMahon will undoubtedly do all that he can to keep Lesnar under his roof, but it may not be enough if he wants one last taste of UFC.

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