10 Dangerous Moves That Are Still Banned In The WWE

Right now the in-ring quality in WWE is better than it ever has been with some of the moves that the athletes are able to pull off now leaving fans mesmerized and in awe as the pace of the sport increases rapidly.

However, even though WWE Superstars are wrestlers at the absolute top of their game that doesn't mean that there is no risk factor in what they do, with wrestlers putting their bodies on the line on a daily basis to entertain the fans.

Throughout the years some absolutely insane moves have been created, but as WWE has become a larger, public trading company, they have restricted the talent on certain dangerous moves, and within this list, we will rank 10 moves that are banned by WWE.

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10 Punt

Randy Orton might be known for having the RKO, the three most destructive letters in sports entertainment, but that isn't the only finisher that the Viper has had, as many fans will remember the classic Punt that he used to use.

Orton would use the Punt kick to finally take out his rivals, putting them on the shelf for weeks or months at a time as he delivered a huge blow to the skull of his opponent in what was a cool looking move.

Despite the fact that nobody got legitimately injured from the move, it was one that didn't look great for a younger audience and could be too easily mimicked, hence why WWE pulled the plug on it.

9 Vertebreaker

This move was made famous by The Hurricane, which may seem like a risky idea considering his size, with this move seemingly being better suited for a larger, more muscular wrestler due to the responsibility on the delivers shoulders.

The move sees The Hurricane get behind his opponent, bending forward, wrapping his opponent's arms around their back before lifting them up into the air, dropping them onto the back of their shoulders.

Seth Rollins recently attempted the move, but other than that nothing has been seen of this particular finisher since The Hurricane hung up his cape.

8 Original Pedigree

The Pedigree has become one of the most iconic wrestling moves in the history of WWE, with Triple H having busted out the move countless times against all manner of opponents, onto objects, off of objects, you name it, he has done it.

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However, his original version of the move was one of the most dangerous wrestling moves of all time and was simply a disaster waiting to happen, with Triple H yanking his opponent so high they would land awkwardly on top of their head.

Because he held his opponent's arms as well, there was no way for them to protect themselves as they do now, which is why it was no surprise that the move was altered immediately in WWE.

7 The Burning Hammer

The Burning Hammer move is essentially a reverse death valley driver that was made incredibly popular in Japan with the 'Strong Style' technique helping to make the move be incredibly effective.

Its creator, Kenta Kobashi only actually used the move a handful of times due to the fact that it is dangerous, even for experienced wrestlers to be using, with rumors that John Cena also used to insist the move wasn't used due to its similarity to his AA.

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Because of that, many wrestlers never even attempted it, although Bianca Beliar has recently used it, and Moustache Mountain do it into a knee drop double team, proving the Cena situation could be more likely.

6 Hangman's Chokehold


There is a distinct reason why the Hangman's Chokehold is banned by WWE, in fact, there is a reason why all chokeholds, in general, are banned by the company, even if they aren't necessarily the most dangerous moves to do.

The reason is all to do with Chris Benoit, and the manner in which he and his family died, which was made to be incredibly public amongst both wrestling fans and the non-wrestling world, casting an incredibly bad light upon the sport.

As soon as the tragic incident took place, WWE put a stop to any moves that might be in relation to that incident in order to pay respect towards Benoit's family, whose lives were taken away from them.

5 The Poisoned Frankensteiner

Originally invented by Scott Steiner (hence the name), although the Japanese took the move on and twisted it into their own version, with a Poisoned Frankensteiner seeing the opponent land directly on their head, being unable to control themselves fully.

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Whilst the Frankensteiner is a move that is now used fairly frequently in WWE, the poisoned version is not, and there is a reason for that, especially given that doing it backward off the top rope really opens up a large window of error.

Bayley managed to attempt the at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and ended up injuring Sasha Banks on the landing, giving WWE a further reason to keep this move off-limits, although Ali has been known to bust this out from time to time.

4 Flying Headbutt

It should be fairly obvious as to why this move has been banned by WWE, considering the concussion lawsuits that surround the company and the major head injuries that many of its talents have had.

The move that was made famous by Chris Benoit (and also had a major effect on his health) and has been used sparingly since by the likes of Daniel Bryan and Lars Sullivan, although both men quickly stopped.

Bryan brought an end to his move after his serious head injury almost forced him into retirement, and Sullivan was reportedly told to stop once he made it to the main roster and did it for the first time, with it being very unlikely someone else will try and bring it back.

3 Chairshots To The Head

AEW might have controversially brought exposed chair shots to the head back recently with Shawn Spears attacking Cody Rhodes, but in WWE that type of move is still a big no-go area for the talent.

Whilst many moves on this list are ones that fans would like to see make a return if possible, exposed chair shots are something that people don't have much interest in seeing once again, mainly due to the risk factor involved.

Even though wrestlers positioning themselves to take a shot to the back can look silly at times, it is much safer than them risking concussions and brain damage simply for our entertainment.

2 Muscle Buster

Despite the fact that Samoa Joe has used the Muscle Buster throughout his career with TNA and NXT, unfortunately, the brilliant finisher is no longer allowed in WWE due to one tragic incident.

WWE did allow Joe to use the move throughout his dominant run in NXT, and the entire thing went off without a hitch, but during a dark match on the main roster, the move sadly ended the career of Tyson Kidd.

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The move not only ended his career but it almost killed the talented wrestler, who was forced to have major surgery on his neck and because of that WWE has kept this move away.

1 The Piledriver

There is a reason that the original piledriver has been banned for many years by WWE, as this was the move that actually broke Stone Cold Steve Austin's neck and the risk factor involved in this move, is very high.

Of course, The Undertaker's Tombstone Piledriver has been his finisher throughout his career, but that is performed differently to this move, as you can tell in the image as the wrestler has to sitdown to drop them, unlike 'Taker's where he takes the blow on his knees.

The lack of real control with this move is the main reason it was outlawed, even though CM Punk popped it out during his classic Raw match with John Cena, but despite that, this isn't something you will see again.

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