Daniel Bryan Shares Hilarious Story Of The Most Awkward Fan 'Yes' Chant

What becomes popular and lasts for years in wrestling can be a very peculiar thing. Sometimes it only takes a Superstar saying one word and the fans latch onto it for what feels like the rest of time. One of the most famous examples of that is Stone Cold's use of the word 'What', something Superstars today likely still hate him for as fans constantly interrupt them by yelling it at them.

Austin's 'What' may have been trumped though, by Daniel Bryan's 'Yes'. The Yes Movement began in 2013 and gained momentum like nothing before it in WWE. That momentum culminated in a moment that will live forever in the minds and hearts of fans as Bryan won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania XXX. Even though the former World Champ has been retired for almost two years now, fans still chant 'Yes' whenever he comes to the ring.

Unsurprisingly the ring is not the only place that Bryan has 'Yes' chanted at him. During a recent interview with MassLive the SmackDown Live GM was asked how often fans chant at him. Safe to say it's pretty often, and Bryan also revealed the weirdest place it has ever happened. While at an airport urinal an excited fan decided to seize the opportunity and start up a 'Yes' chant. Pretty awkward and it led to Bryan not being able to finish the task at hand.


Fans interacting with pro wrestlers at airports is a topic that continues to rear its head as of late. Sasha Banks spoke of some 'fans' stopping her at airports to sign stacks of photos a few months ago. Austin Aries and Tye Dillinger also shared stories on social media recently of times that they were bothered while traveling. Bryan's latest tale may trump them all however.

Although Daniel Bryan has been retired from in ring competition for a while now, whenever he makes appearances on SmackDown Live the 'Yes' chants are just as loud as they ever were. With that kind of support every time he steps through the curtain you can understand why he is adamant that he will one day compete inside a squared circle again.


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Daniel Bryan Shares Hilarious Story Of The Most Awkward Fan 'Yes' Chant