Daniel Bryan Thinks 'There's A Chance' For In Ring Return After Kurt Angle's TLC Match

Kurt Angle made his in-ring return for WWE at TLC on Sunday night, and now Daniel Bryan has his hopes up about his own potential comeback.

At TLC, we witnessed something many believed would never happen. Kurt Angle once again competing in a WWE ring. It was no normal match either. The Raw General Manager's first WWE bout in eleven years was a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match involving seven other men, and he won!


Roman Reigns falling ill last week forced WWE's hand. They needed a big name to fill The Big Dog's shoes and luckily they realized that they had one right under their noses in Kurt Angle. At one point not so long ago, it appeared that WWE didn't want Angle competing for them inside the ring at all. They inducted him into the Hall of Fame and made him a GM, but that was all they wanted.

Whatever reservations WWE had about Angle competing for them again have clearly gone out the window now though, and that hasn't gone unnoticed by another man who has been told he'll never compete for the company. Angle's rival GM Daniel Bryan was watching the situation with Kurt's in-ring return like a hawk and now has yet another avenue to venture down on his ongoing request to one day wrestle again.

Following Angle's big win on Sunday night Bryan took to Twitter. The former World Champion tweeted "There was a time when WWE wouldn't let Kurt Angle compete. Tonight he won a pay-per-view main event in a TLC match." Daniel finished the tweet off with a hashtag stating that means there is still a chance for his in-ring career with WWE also.



Daniel Bryan most certainly has a point. Angle has a career riddled with injuries, many of which happened during his first run with WWE, yet they seem to have gone back on their original thought and let the Olympian wrestle for them. Angle's situation is pretty different to Bryan's though. For starters, WWE called time on Bryan's career, plus the reason behind him being forced into retirement was a build up of concussions and head injuries. Angle competing is a glimmer of hope for Bryan, but only a very, very small one.

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