Daniel Bryan May Officially Retire Soon

via Latino Post

In case you haven’t noticed, Daniel Bryan has been on hiatus for a while. In promoting the upcoming WWE 2K16 during an interview over at IGN, he was asked about his status. He admitted that if he is told “no” one more time by another neurologist, he will call it quits. He admits that one who specializes in concussions cleared him with no limitations. All his tests came back with no issues, and this neurologist was the one for the Super Bowl this past season. However, he notes that much like the NFL, Vince McMahon and the WWE are taking concussions very seriously.

The doctor who said “no” is the WWE doctor Joe Maroon. Bryan states that he is highly respected in the concussion field. He then stated if he sent to a third highly respected person in the same field and is told “no”, he will call it quits. He says he wants to stay involved with the WWE even if he retires. He would be open to announcing or becoming a trainer. The crowd already backs Daniel Bryan, and would be an excellent addition to the announcing team, if allowed.

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