Daniel Bryan Reveals A Misunderstanding May Mean He Can Wrestle Again

On an episode of the Edge and Christian Podcast, Daniel Bryan revealed a certain medical term led to a misunderstanding that made him retire.

In a very revealing interview on Edge and Christian's podcast, Daniel Bryan opened up on a misunderstanding that means he may wrestle again.

In 2016, Daniel Bryan came to the ring during an episode of Raw to announce his retirement. He was fighting back tears when he reluctantly made the announcement, and let's be honest, so were most of us watching at home. Supposedly, the build up of concussions Bryan suffered over the course of his career took their toll, but that hasn't stopped Bryan from claiming he will return to a ring some day soon.

The SmackDown Live General Manager has angrily exclaimed that he will return once his current WWE contract ends, even warning Cody Rhodes that he'll eventually be coming for The American Nightmare's Ring Of Honor Championship. On Edge and Christian's podcast last week, however, Bryan openly spoke about his intentions to wrestle again, claiming that there had been a misunderstanding in the lead up to his retirement.


While Bryan was bouncing around between concussion specialists trying to be cleared to compete again in WWE, the former World Champion was told that he had a lesion on his brain. It was that revelation which made him finally throw in the towel when it came to hopes of a comeback. However, The Yes Man went on to say that after his retirement he was chatting to one of the doctors he had visited about the lesion. That doctor revealed to him that "lesion" just means something a doctor can't identify rather than a cut or a bleed like Bryan had assumed.


That realization is why Bryan has been so forceful and vociferous in his plight to one day wrestle again, to the likely annoyance of WWE, since the reason he stopped wasn't correctly explained to him. According to Bryan, he has been undergoing treatments in order to reverse the damage done. So far he has had 40 out of 120 treatments and claims that by the end of it his brain will resemble that of someone who has never partaken in contact sport whatsoever.

Medical issues aside, there probably aren't many fans who wouldn't love to see Daniel Bryan wrestle again one day. Most would say that they would rather Daniel is healthy and lives a long life than see him compete again and put all that at risk, but if what the Ultimate Underdog revealed last week is completely accurate, then maybe he can have both. Pro wrestling is what makes him happy, so if he can do it and be healthy why not let him get back inside the ring.

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Daniel Bryan Reveals A Misunderstanding May Mean He Can Wrestle Again