Daniel Bryan Says He Wasn't A Fan Of The Rock While Growing Up

The Rock has to be one of the most entertaining pro wrestlers of all-time. But SmackDown Live general manager Daniel Bryan revealed during an interview with radio personality and pro wrestling enthusiast Peter Rosenberg, that he wasn't a fan of his while growing up, according to Wrestling Inc.

Bryan did give credit to The Rock for his incredible promos.

"As a [pro] wrestling fan, I didn't like The Rock, right? Like, The Rock was a lot of people's favorite, and, like, Steve Austin, and that sort of thing because they would go out and cut these awesome, entertaining promos. And I can appreciate how good they were at it, [but] that wasn't my deal."

I would love to know why Bryan specifically wasn't a fan of The Rock. As you can see in the quotes above, he just said that The Rock wasn't his sort of thing and didn't get into specifics. My guess is that Bryan didn't care for his character and style of wrestler.

Bryan did reveal that Dean Malenko was his favorite wrestler growing up.

"Dean Malenko was my favorite! And he was not a go out an cut this scathing interview guy."

Bryan explained himself by saying, "he was the guy that was like, 'oh, look at that sweet drop toehold!' And it's like, that was my kind of thing. I was like, 'wow, look at all the variations of drop toeholds he has!' And to a casual person, that's not a thing."

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It doesn't surprise me that Bryan wasn't a fan of guys like The Rock and Steve Austin. He just doesn't seem like someone who would appreciate their characters.

I hate to break it to Bryan, but guys like Steve Austin and The Rock are what helps WWE and wrestling in general flourish, not guys like Malenko.


When it comes to Bryan's career, he had to retire in 2016 after suffering multiple concussions despite being the leader of the Yes! Movement as a former four-time world champion.

Now that Bryan is in charge of SmackDown, WWE hasn't had a problem intertwining him into different storylines. Now the company plans on having him turn heel due to his conflict with SmackDown Live commissioner Shane McMahon, according to via  Give Me Sport.


With Bryan's contract running out towards the end of 2018, there is some belief that he won't re-sign. Thus WWE will likely have him turn heel in order to get the fans to hate him, which would make it easy for them to move on from Bryan.


With Bryan being so popular among the fans, this would make sense, but can WWE really change everyones opinion on him over the next several months?

Comment below and tell us your thoughts on Bryan not being a fan of The Rock. Also tell us what you think of Bryan possibly turning heel.

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