[SPOILER] Named SECOND Referee For Clash Of Champions Match

Clash of Champions is set to be a minor pay-per-view, but the main event just got a big name added as a second referee.

The main event at Sunday's Clash Of Champions will now have two referees as Daniel Bryan has added himself to the tag team match.

Shane McMahon has a vendetta going against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn and to be honest, who can blame him? The bitter enemies turned best friends have been making the SmackDown Live commissioner's life a living hell. First, they almost killed him when they reunited during the main event of Hell In A Cell, then they attacked him while he was trying to win the men's Survivor Series match last month.

has been attempting to get his own back ever since and has pretty much been consumed with the idea of getting revenge on the Canadian pair. That all comes to a head this Sunday in a tag match that will see Owens and Zayn's WWE careers on the line. If they fail to beat Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton then they'll be fired, and the cherry on the cake is Shane-O 'Mac is the special guest referee.


Aside from Zayn and KO another man who doesn't seem too impressed with McMahon's current vendetta is Daniel Bryan. That's probably why he took it upon himself this week on SmackDown Live to make himself the second special guest referee for the high stakes tag match at Clash Of Champions on Sunday. How that will work exactly is unclear, even Bryan himself didn't seem to know.

Bryan was actually called upon to do a dry run as a ref before the night was out. Tuesday's main event pitted Nakamura against Owens and the original official was inadvertently taken out. The GM was at ringside so he pulled on the referee's shirt and took his place. Although there was no foul play, the fact that Owens wound up winning the match will have raised a few eyebrows, and if McMahon was watching at home, he probably wasn't too happy about it.

The tag team match now involving six men is currently what's making an otherwise pretty boring Clash Of Champions card seem somewhat interesting. In all fairness, Kevin Owens has been the focal point of Tuesday nights for a while now so it makes sense that the main angle revolves around him. Let's hope that whatever goes down in this match on Sunday is worthy of all the attention it has been given in the build to it.


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[SPOILER] Named SECOND Referee For Clash Of Champions Match