Daniel Bryan Gives an Update on his Wrestling Future

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Seemingly great news for The WWE Universe just in: One of its favorite WWE superstars seems to be feeling confident that he’ll be back into the company’s squared circle once again.

Daniel Bryan--who was recently forced to relinquish his second major championship in as many years due to a troublesome neck injury--addressed his current status to The Buzz’s Jimmy Traina on July 22.

“I feel great. And it’s just a matter of getting cleared by doctors. Their whole clearance is more difficult than people think. That’s the biggest issue.” Bryan explained.

Bryan, who was actually fired by the WWE in 2010 over an unfortunate storyline incident, has had a slew of twists and turns and ups and downs since joining Vince McMahon’s company.

Bryan’s drawing power with the WWE Universe became so compelling in 2014 that the company had to work him into its originally-planned Randy Orton versus Batista WrestleMania 30 event.

Sadly, he was forced to go under the knife for neck surgery on May 15, 2014 due to losing all strength in his right arm as a result those issues. Unfortunately, the surgery didn’t quite accomplish what it was supposed to, as Bryan continued to endure neck-related ailments upon his Jan. 15 return, leading to his very real in-ring Raw promo on May 11 that he had to step away yet again.

However, the situation appears to be looking brighter for Bryan, judging by his next statement on The Buzz:

“I will wrestle again. But it’ll be interesting to see when.”

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