Daniel Bryan Warns Cody Rhodes He May 'Come After Him' Now He's Champ

Daniel Bryan took to Twitter this past weekend to congratulate Cody Rhodes on his World Title win, swiftly followed by a warning to the new champ.

Cody Rhodes became the new Ring Of Honor World Champion on Friday night after defeating former champion Christopher Daniels at the Best In The World pay per view. Congratulations flooded in for the man formerly known as Stardust over the weekend, but there was one series of tweets in particular that caught the pro wrestling world's eye. Former ROH star and current SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan congratulated the new champ, but also warned him that if he still has the belt on a certain date that he'll be coming for him.


In the second tweet following the congratulatory one, Bryan said that if Cody were to still have the World Championship in 462 days time then he 'may have to come after' Rhodes. The significance of 462 days is that's how long Daniel himself held the ROH Championship when he was with the company. The SmackDown Live GM even went as far as to calculate exactly what the date would be when those 462 days are up, the 28th of September 2018.

Twitter was awash with talk of Cody's win before Bryan interjected, and following that tweet in particular it was the former WWE Champion who was then getting all the attention. As well as Cody himself responding, fellow Bullet Club members The Young Bucks and Marty Scurll have both replied to the tweet and prospect of a Bryan versus Rhodes match in 2018.

While Cody's career has taken off over the last twelve months, Daniel Bryan's has unfortunately come to a screeching halt, at least when it comes to performing in the ring. Due to a number of injuries and concussions over the course of his career, Bryan was actually told he would never compete again and under duress retired from wrestling. Despite those medical opinions Bryan is clearly determined to one day return however, and continues to get tests in the hope that one day he will be fit and well enough to wrestle once again, whether that be under WWE's banner or not.

While almost every wrestling fan would likely give their left arm to see Daniel Bryan perform in the squared circle again, most would also add that they'd only want that if it wasn't at the expense of his health. Bryan is clearly doing all that he can in order to wrestle again one day and although he may have been forced into retirement, just imagine if Cody were to hold on to the ROH Title for 462 days only for a returning Daniel Bryan to take it off of him before he could break his record.

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