Why Daniel Bryan May Not Be Able To Wrestle In New Japan

Daniel Bryan will likely have as little luck in New Japan Pro Wrestling as he has with WWE when it comes to his desire to wrestle again.

Last year Daniel Bryan broke fans' hearts when he was forced into an early retirement thanks to the injuries he has suffered throughout the course of his career. The neck injuries and the concussions had built up over time and despite him fighting it for a while, Bryan finally gave in and agreed with WWE's doctors that for the good of his future and his family he needed to retire from in-ring competition.

Just a few months later, Bryan was back on our screens as SmackDown Live General Manager, and since then the former World Champion has not been shy in hinting that one day he would like to wrestle again. It seems pretty unlikely that WWE will ever let that happen under their watch, so if Bryan wants to wrestle again he will have to go elsewhere. New Japan Pro Wrestling would likely be high on Bryan's list of potential employers, but it would appear that his chances of wrestling for them are also pretty thin.


According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, NJPW's views on concussions and the tests they use are extremely similar to that of the WWE. Apparently, if WWE's doctors and tests will continue to keep Bryan out of action, then chances are New Japan will have the exact same stance. Japan's top company take concussions to their wrestlers extremely seriously, as well they should, and keep Superstars sidelined for a long time if they suffer from one.

While fans are happy Daniel Bryan is still a mainstay on WWE television, it's not hard to see that he misses being an in-ring performer. The GM has made reference to WWE not letting him wrestle and has also said on television when his current WWE contract ends, hinting that after that date he wants to wrestle again. He also tweeted Cody Rhodes after the man formerly known as Stardust won the Ring Of Honor Championship, telling him that he might come for the gold if Cody looks like he's going to break his own record with the belt.

Injuries and risk aside, there is likely no fan of WWE that wouldn't like to see Daniel Bryan make a return to the ring some day. It's not as straightforward as that though. If doctors are telling Bryan that he shouldn't wrestle again, then he really shouldn't wrestle again. He may not feel whole without wrestling in his life, but if he were to carry on he may very well be putting other more important aspects of his life at risk.

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