UFC Champion Threatens Cody Rhodes After Roasting ROH

UFC Champion and Olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier is old school when it comes to what he prefers in a wrestling match. He loves hardcore matches that could lead to serious injuries.

We also know that Cormier isn't a fan of the high-flying style that Ring of Honor and the Young Bucks bring to the ring each and every night, so it's safe to say that Cormier isn't a fan of indie wrestling right now, given the fact their biggest knock is what he doesn't like.

Cormier went on Twitter and ended up mocking a wrestling sequence that MMA fighter Chase Sherman tweeted out, according to UPROXX.


Cormier then posted a tweet of what he believes is real wrestling.

Of course, Cormier received some backlash from Cody Rhodes and some other Ring of Honor wrestlers.

It sounds like Cormier threatened Rhodes in response to him while making it clear that he's not taking himself very seriously with his tweets.

We understand where Cormier is coming from, but different wrestling styles are what makes the sport great. People would get sick of watching the same kind of wrestlers week in and week out. Then again, everyone also has their own preferences.

Cormier may one day head over to pro wrestling. It only makes sense if he wants to cash in and make more money than the peanuts he gets from the UFC.

Cormier is now 38 years-old and it might be wise for him to start thinking about what he's going to do once his MMA career is over. Unlike wrestling, he can't compete in his 50's and even his 6o's.

The last time Cormier was scheduled to compete in a major wrestling event was during the 2008 summer Olympics in Beijing, China. He ended up having to be pulled due to kidney failure, which was related to excessive weight.

Prior to pursuing an MMA career, in 2004 Cormier competed in the Real Pro Wrestling league, which is no longer around. So, if he ends up back in wrestling, he'll have some rust to knock off.

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