Darren Young Reveals Inappropriate Photos Sent By Total Divas Cameraman

This is the real stuff you won't see on @TotalDivas #youcantbreakthishappyhome (cont 1/1) pic.twitter.com/5r0crNU1BH

— nodaysoff D-Young (@DarrenYoungWWE) August 24, 2015

.@TotalDivas (cont 1/2) pic.twitter.com/dMnuSPeO32 — nodaysoff D-Young (@DarrenYoungWWE) August 24, 2015

Darren Young has come public about some inappropriate photos sent to him by a Total Divas cameraman. The camerman sent a shirtless picture of himself to Darren Young, who is in a relationship. Young came out last year as a gay man. Young has taken some heat from fans for his social media posts, saying that he should have kept the matter private, viewing it as an honest mistake from the cameraman. Here were some of his responses on Twitter.

It's a shame that some people can't be happy for others. Relationships are hard to maintain so when you see someone committed (cont 1/1)

— nodaysoff D-Young (@DarrenYoungWWE) August 26, 2015

to their partner, why must you try and destroy something that he worked so hard for? Respect is mutual. (Cont 1/2)

— nodaysoff D-Young (@DarrenYoungWWE) August 26, 2015

Should the company be upset that Young took these matters to the Twittersphere?

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