Davey Boy Smith Jr Wrestled A Woman Out Of Suicide

Over the weekend, a former WWE Superstar used the skills he learned plying his trade to save a life.

Davey Boy Smith Jr, son of former WWE Superstar the British Bulldog, used his wrestling skills to save a woman's life last weekend.

The name Davey Boy Smith is well known in pro wrestling circles. That's because it's the real-life name of the late, great British Bulldog. While Bulldog is no longer with us, his son Davey Boy Smith Jr continues to keep his name relevant in wrestling circles, currently competing in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Despite Davey Boy Jr's wrestling pedigree—not only is Bulldog his dad, but he's a member of the famous Hart family—his run in WWE was pretty forgettable. He did hold the Tag Team Championships with Tyson Kidd but that was about all. Take nothing away from Smith though, he is clearly a great wrestler, and over the weekend he used that innate ability for a very different reason than he ever had before.


On Sunday evening Smith revealed via social media that his grappling ability had enabled him to save a woman's life. Smith was passing the woman who was about to jump from a bridge in Calgary. He effectively used his strength to pull her back to the right side of the rail and then pinned her down until authorities arrived since she claimed that she also had a gun.

Smith wrote a long statement about the incident on Facebook. "With people on the ground waving her not to jump I decided to grab a hold of her and not take any chances," Smith wrote. During the retelling of the story, he credits his years of wrestling and self-defense training for giving him the tools to save the woman. He has quite rightly been receiving a lot of praise from fans across social media with his mother Diana Hart leading the charge.

There really aren't many people that would have done what Smith did in this situation. He was in his car at the time, and the majority of passers-by would have likely kept on driving thinking that somebody else would have dealt with the problem. No one would have been able to rescue the woman in the way that Smith did though, and it appears that the former WWE star really did save a life over the weekend, quite literally.


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Davey Boy Smith Jr Wrestled A Woman Out Of Suicide