5 Reasons Why Dean Ambrose Is Better Off Outside Of WWE (& 5 Reasons He Should Have Stayed)

Dean Ambrose’s time with the WWE is over and, unless we’re being worked, there’s a lot to work through. When looking back on his time under Vince McMahon’s employment, fans will definitely have mixed feelings. There were highs like his time in the Shield, his feud with Seth Rollins, and his time as world champion. Then, there are the lows like his feud with Bray Wyatt where he lost a match because a TV exploded in his face.

If Ambrose is seriously Jon Moxley again, there’s a lot to look forward to, but in a way, it feels like he never hit his ceiling in WWE. So, we’ve taken a look at why Dean Ambrose is better off leaving the company, and why he should have stayed.

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9 Better Off - One More Match (In CZW)

Jon Moxley is a legend in Combat Zone Wrestling. It’s where he really cut his teeth in the wrestling industry, and it’s where WWE discovered the star. While we’re not sure he’d want to go back to over-the-top hardcore wrestling, at least one match in his old stomping grounds would be fantastic.

8 Should Have Stayed - WWE’s New Era Has Begun

Brock Lesnar lost the Universal Championship, Kofi Kingston is WWE Champion, and Becky Lynch holds both women’s belts — WWE is giving fans what they want. For a star like Dean Ambrose, who consistently gets great reactions from fans, this would be the perfect time to stay in the company. We’d love to see the Lunatic Fringe take on someone like, say Samoa Joe for the United States Championship, or maybe turn heel again to take on Kofi Kingston for the WWE title. The possibilities are endless.

7 Better Off - AEW is real

Kenny Omega, Cody Rhodes, Hangman Page, Post-WWE Chris Jericho, Pac (Neville), and more. AEW’s cast is looking pretty solid and Ambrose would fit in perfectly. Sure, the company doesn’t have a TV deal yet, but this promotion could use a star with a name like Ambrose — or Moxley. Not only that, but AEW is looking like a real alternative for WWE, and it could provide a real secondary location for wrestlers to compete in.

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Sure, it’s trendy for a Superstars who are unhappy in WWE to be connected to AEW in the rumor mill, but this one feels like it has some weight to it.

6 Should Have Stayed- WWE Is Still The Big Show

Despite the allure of AEW, there really is only one proven game in town — the WWE. Until proven otherwise, this is where Ambrose will get the most exposure, presumably, the most money, and have the biggest feuds. Leaving something this for-sure is risky for anyone, even a star of Ambrose’s stature.

5 Better Off - New Japan Is Still Breaking Into The USA

There’s no better way for a wrestler to prove his worth than working in New Japan. Stars like CJ Parker (now Juice Robinson) and Chris Jericho reinvented themselves by heading to the land of the East, and there’s no reason to suggest Ambrose couldn’t do the same.

Considering the company lost two of their biggest stars in Omega and Jericho, there’s room in NJPW for a star like Ambrose, and we’d pay money to see him take on stars like Tetsuya Naito or Kazuchika Okada. Sure, Ambrose isn’t really the most technical star around, but these matchups are intriguing, to say the least. With NJPW trying make strides in the USA, they'll need a big American star to market.

4 Should Have Stayed - The Superstar Shakeup Could Have Opened Up Opportunities

WWE’s superstar shakeup has a way of revigorating stars, and Dean Ambrose could have had that same fate. That’s actually what happened during the initial brand split, where he captured the WWE Championship for the first time in his career. Sure, SmackDown Live was very weak coming out of that event, but it did wonders for stars like Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, and The Miz. Maybe, lightning could strike twice for the former Shield star.

3 Better Off - Do The Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes was at the bottom of the barrel in WWE. Stuck with the lackluster Stardust gimmick, both fans and the superstar himself knew he could do better. So, he left WWE, made a list and accomplished some dreams. Ambrose could do something similar. Sure, the list probably won’t be as well received as Rhodes’ plan, but there’s never been a better time to wrestle on the indies. A star like Ambrose has a huge social media following, so anywhere he goes will get a boost by employing him.

Not only that, but he could control his own schedule and work when he wants to. For someone who worked so much for so long, being able to dictate your own dates sounds pretty great.

2 Should Have Stayed - Renee Young Is Still Employed By WWE

We won't get into the personal lives of WWE superstars too much in this list, but it's got to be nice to be close to your wife when you're on the road as often as Ambrose and Young are. Still, we'd assume if he is leaving for real, Ambrose had a long talk with his wife, who is doing a fantastic job doing Raw commentary, about the pros and cons.

1 Better Off- Wasn’t Used Properly

At one point, Dean Ambrose was the guy many fans pinpointed as the leader of the Shield and the breakout singles star — aside from Roman Reigns, of course — and his track record suggested that. He enjoyed a long run as the United States Champion as Seth Rollins took the tag titles with Reigns, he took a Bionic Elbow from Dusty Rhodes, and had Jake The Snake Roberts place Damian on his body.

Not only that, but he and Rollins blew the roof off the WWE with their feud — they made a Lumber Jack match amazing! Things looked so bright, but they went off the rails and somehow, by the end of his time in the company, he was just another guy. Maybe he’ll be treated as a bigger attraction on the indie circuit or in Japan.

1. Should Have Stayed - The Shield Can Always Reunite

Outside of maybe the New Day, WWE has never booked a team like the Shield. Upon their debut, they were immediately the most exciting thing the company put together in a long time and it was clear each member could be a star. When it came time to reunite the team, it sort of fell apart, Roman Reigns got sick and they replaced him with Kurt Angle, and then injuries kept the true reunion from happening. Then, when everyone was on the same page, their reunion was squandered on the team of Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, and Drew McIntyre. That's not really the matchup anyone wanted.While we should probably wait for another get-together, a Shield reunion will always get fans talking.

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