Dean Ambrose Nearly Stabbed During A House Show

A photo has emerged on the internet this morning via reddit regarding Dean Ambrose. The photo and stories from first-hand audience members say that a fan hopped over near Ambrose out side of the ring area and was dawning a knife in his hand. The story emerged on reddit this morning. Security was able to take the guy out before any harm could be done. This is the second occurance of fan interaction at a house show in recent memory. A few weeks, supposedly with good intentions, a fan heaved a mock “Money in the Bank” briefcase he designed into the ring. Not necessarily trying to do harm but not throught through that well, the intention was for Roman Reigns to use the case on Bray Wyatt at the time. Instead, it hit Roman in the back of the head.

During the NXT show prior to SummerSlam, a fan threw a party streamer into the ring before the Finn Balor and Kevin Owens match. It really seems things are starting to get heightened with the smaller show crowds here recently. If the guy really had intentions of stabbing Dean Ambrose, maybe it has something to do with Renee Young (since they are together in real life). That, or the “It’s still real to me, damn it” fans have grouped together in an effort to show their angst for The Shield breaking up. Either way, if the intentions were there to actually do harm to Dean Ambrose, WWE has to get a grip on their House Show events.

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Dean Ambrose Nearly Stabbed During A House Show