Dean Ambrose Saved Renee Young's Phone Before Being Covered By Rollins

Dean Ambrose might be a despicable heel but even he wasn't willing to let any harm come to his wife's phone on Raw this week.

Ever since Dean Ambrose turned on Seth Rollins the night the two of them won the Raw Tag Titles, he has gone on to become one of the biggest heels in WWE. Whether you agree with him referencing Roman Reigns every now and again or not it has certainly made fans dislike him even more.

Ambrose's main target for the past couple of months has naturally been Rollins. The Lunatic has even taken his former friend's Intercontinental Title. In fact, the two of them battled over it one more time on Raw this past week. Judging by how things went down, the falls count anywhere affair will likely be the last time the two meet in the ring for quite a while.


One of the most awkward things since Ambrose turned has been the presence of Renee Young at the announce table during his segments. Young is married to Ambrose and for some reason, WWE has had Corey Graves shine a spotlight on that point. While Graves making Young uncomfortable on commentary has not been entertaining, what Ambrose did for his wife on Raw this week most definitely was.

His and Rollins falls count anywhere match took them to Raw's announce position which naturally made the commentators run for cover. After being put through the table, The Lunatic noticed his wife's phone on the floor. Before letting Rollins cover him, Ambrose smoothly tossed the phone up to Michael Cole who then passed it to Young. A funny moment that wasn't shown on TV, but thank you to the fan that caught it on their phone.

As much as Vince McMahon seems to love including the personal lives of his Superstars in on-screen angles, we sincerely hope he doesn't do so with Ambrose and Young. At least not any more than he already has done. We are looking forward to whatever WWE has planned for the current IC Champion, though. We'd personally like to see a program between him and Finn Balor with the Irishman ending as IC Champion for the first time.


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