5 Amazing Replacements For Dean Ambrose In The Shield (& 5 Bad Ones)

When Dean Ambrose shockingly left WWE, many fans had a lot of questions regarding his future and what that would mean for the landscape of WWE, and one of the biggest questions was in regards to The Shield.

Whilst the Hounds of Justice may very well never appear again in WWE, the fact is that WWE loves bringing back its most popular factions, even if it means adding and removing members.

With that in mind, there is a good chance that WWE will eventually have another Shield appearance, with someone else replacing Dean Ambrose. With a huge roster of potential candidates, who would be a good option, and who should WWE steer well clear from?

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10 Amazing: Kevin Owens

Right now WWE is putting everything behind Kevin Owens, which is exactly what he deserves and there is no doubt that the former Universal and NXT Champion would be a great choice to replace Ambrose if WWE went in that direction.

Much like Ambrose, KO has wrestled all around the world trying to earn his WWE opportunity and was a major hit in developmental (NXT), having a similar path to the company that Seth Rollins had.

With a deep history with Reigns and Rollins, fantastic microphone abilities, great in-ring work and the ability to play a heel or a babyface, Owens has pretty much everything needed to be a great member of The Shield.

9 Bad: Daniel Bryan

Even though Daniel Bryan has a very similar background to that of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose and he has a similar size and incredible in-ring ability, the former WWE Champion would not be a good option to replace Ambrose.

The fact of the matter is that Bryan is simply too big of a name to shoehorn into an already existing faction to simply replace someone else who has left, as his own legacy with the company is far too big for that.

Bryan is a future Hall Of Fame headliner and he doesn't need to be randomly thrust into a trio, even though he would help The Shield continue having amazing matches.

8 Amazing: Kassius Ohno

Something that many fans might not know is that Kassius Ohno was actually slated to be part of The Shield during its original run, with WWE having him in the group instead of Roman Reigns up until the last minute.

Obviously, Roman has gone on to do incredible things with WWE, so the decision wasn't a poor one, but it would be a neat moment for Ohno to bring him into the group, later on, giving a nod to fans in the know.

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Ohno has been plugging away in NXT and NXT UK for a while now and he remains just as good of a wrestler as he was when WWE first wanted him to be on the main roster.

7 Bad: Any WWE Legends

Throughout the existence of The Shield, WWE has attempted to shoehorn a few people into the group for one-off appearances, and the truth of the matter is that every single time it has felt rather odd.

The main reason for that is WWE's obsession with throwing in legends to the group, with Triple H and Kurt Angle having previously donned the black and although it was Roman Reigns they replaced on those occasions, it was still a problem.

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The group was a major success because it was young hungry talent looking to break out in WWE and whilst they are all now established stars, replacing Ambrose with someone who has already achieved everything in wrestling seems to defeat the purpose of what they stand for.

6 Amazing: Eric Young

WWE really has dropped the ball when it comes to Eric Young on the main roster which is a huge shame as he is a very talented wrestler who has tons of charisma, as he showed in both TNA and in NXT.

Young has a history in factions as the former leader of SAnitY and he would easily be able to slip in and take Dean Ambrose's spot should WWE want to do so as he has the lunatic character that is very similar.

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Young's WWE character is as unhinged and crazy as Ambrose's was and putting him in the group could be exactly what he needs to establish himself as a main event player.

5 Bad: The Miz

Sometimes it feels like WWE will push The Miz to be involved in everything they can, even when it doesn't make any sense, and having him be the man to replace Dean Ambrose in The Shield would be exactly that.

Miz is best off as a heel who is hated by the WWE Universe as he never seems to fully connect as a babyface, but he also would not suit being a part of The Shield either as his character isn't someone who can be trusted in a team.

Miz is much better as a singles talent, and even though his microphone skills would be a major boost to The Shield, there is nothing that he could bring the group that would really change things.

4 Amazing: Becky Lynch

Who says that Dean Ambrose's replacement has to be another man? A really unique take on things would be throwing a woman into the mix, changing the dynamic of the group completely whilst also not fully replacing Ambrose, leaving the door open for a potential return.

The obvious choice when it comes to a woman joining The Shield is Becky Lynch due to her relationship with Seth Rollins, which WWE has been very open about promoting and therefore it wouldn't seem like a strange jump.

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The Man has always been confident enough to step up to male wrestlers and having some slight intergender wrestling in six-man tags could be a great way of slowly bringing it into WWE.

3 Bad: Braun Strowman

Much like Triple H and Kurt Angle, WWE has put Braun Strowman alongside The Shield before at live events, however, he is the last person that WWE should be thinking about as a Dean Ambrose replacement.

The Shield already has a powerful enforcer in Roman Reigns, who is much more established at doing that than Strowman could ever be, and because of that, he would serve very little purpose in the group.

On top of that, it would actually hurt his own character as Strowman is supposed to be a Monster who doesn't need back-up or support. Why put him in a team?

2 Amazing: CM Punk

Of course, the chances of this actually happening are practically zero given CM Punk's current lack of interest in professional wrestling, but bringing the Best in the World into the group would really be a full-circle moment for the Hounds of Justice.

The Shield was originally brought into WWE to protect CM Punk and help him defend the WWE Championship and although that storyline quickly faded away, it would still be cool to have Punk work a match as a Shield member.

Imagine the pop if a masked wrestler in The Shield ended up being the former WWE Champion? This would certainly bring the trio back to the very top of its game and could be a huge moment in wrestling history.

1 Bad: Finn Balor

Considering he is on the smaller size, much like Dean Ambrose, Finn Balor could be someone that WWE would consider to put in The Shield to replace the latest AEW Superstar.

However, this isn't something that anybody wants to see and would be a mistake as Balor is much better suited to either being a singles wrestler or joining The Club, as that is what the WWE Universe is patiently waiting for.

The Shield has always run a blurred line, even when working as top babyfaces and the edginess of the group just doesn't suit someone as finely polished as Finn Balor, with the Demon also being totally wasted as it wouldn't work in this role.

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