Del Rio Finally Gives Account Of Airport Incident With Paige

Former WWE superstar Alberto Del Rio left the company under controversial circumstances twice. His relationship with women's star, Paige, has been well-documented in the media for many reasons.

In July of this year, Paige and Del Rio were involved in a domestic case and investigation at the Orlando Airport. Police recommended that charges be brought against Paige for battery, though prosecutors have not filed charges.

Del Rio finally gave his side of the story in an interview with When asked about the details of the event, here's what he had to say.

"That day, a woman decided to invade our privacy. And nothing really happened. A man and a woman were having a rough day, an argument like all the couples out there. Some arguments are worse than others. That doesn't mean that there's anything bad going on."

A conviction would cause Paige to immediately lose her contract with the WWE. But if Del Rio's side of the story is right, she's likely to get off the hook and continue wrestling in the WWE.


Del Rio and Paige's relationship has been not come without its controversy and incidents. In 2016, Del Rio was released by the WWE after being frustrated with a lack of character direction from the creative team.


A month before that, Paige was suspended by the WWE for violating the wellness policy, and was suspended a second time just weeks later. After more than a year-long hiatus, Paige is reportedly ready to finally return to the ring soon.

Paige and Del Rio were engaged last October, shortly after confirming their relationship to the public. Del Rio, who's 15 years her senior, is divorced and has three children. He is currently in a custody battle for the kids and other properties. Last year, Paige's father posted on Facebook that he is against Del Rio and Paige's marriage.

We'll see how this relationship unfolds as the wedding day presumably nears.



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