Destination America Has Picked Up ROH!

BREAKING: @RingOfHonor is coming to Destination America! Wednesday, June 3 at 8/7c!

— Destination America (@DestAmerica) May 27, 2015

Well, Wednesday nights just got really interesting for wrestling fans (specifically fans on indie wrestling). Let's begin with some thoughts on what this means for all the promotions involved. Firstly, this will not be replacing TNA, as ROH will serve as the lead-in to Impact Wrestling, TNA's flagship show. When Impact Wrestling moves to Wednesdays on June 3rd, ROH will be right there with them, as Destination America has decided to double up on their wrestling content on Wednesday nights.

Secondly, if you're an indie wrestling fan, what do you watch on Wednesday night? There will be Ring of Honor at 8 pm, but there's also WWE NXT  on the WWE Network on the same night. On top of that, Lucha Undergorund, which aris on El Rey Network, is also at 8 pm on the same night. Thank God for PVRs.

Thirdly, and this is strictly speculation on our end, what if ROH outperforms TNA? There's been plenty of speculation, from sites like WrestlingINC, about DA cancelling TNA programming in September, so they're obviously skating on thin ice. If ROH and their hardcore fans tune in at a stronger clip than TNA, will they take their place? There will be a lot of interesting storylines to follow over the next few months with these promotions.

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Destination America Has Picked Up ROH!