Details Emerge On The "Off Script" Fans From The Rock's Raw Promo

Apparently The Rock wasn't the only one who noticed the dressed-up fans right by the ring. So, did security.

You see, according to a fan report sent into The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, those fans that The Rock went "off script" with during his Raw promo a few Monday's ago had arrived at the show rather intoxicated and security had their eye on them the whole night.

Actually, during the Kane v. Bray Wyatt match they were chanting and leaning over the rail and bothering people so much so that Bray Wyatt yelled at them and security escorted them out to a chorus of boos.

But how were they there for The Rock's promo then you ask? Well, for some reason they were let back in before The Rock arrived and they got their 15 minutes - which one of them predicted would happen...

Supposedly, earlier in the evening before they got kicked out the dude playing The undertaker had fallen off his chair and when one of the other guys said that they were going to get kicked out another one of the group said that they didn't care because they would "get noticed and remembered."

I'm not sure how long they will be remembered for, but they definitely got noticed!

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Details Emerge On The "Off Script" Fans From The Rock's Raw Promo