Details On Chris Jericho/Brock Lesnar Backstage Altercation

Backstage at the Barclays Center this past Sunday night, Chris Jericho took it upon himself to confront Brock Lesnar following the brutal ending to his match against Randy Orton where "The Viper" was busted open thanks to a stiff Lesnar elbow.

Reports claim that Chris Jericho was concerned about the welfare of Randy Orton and actually came face-to-face with "The Beast." When the two became physically tangled, Brock Lesnar allegedly told Jericho to "punch or kiss him."

The altercation was first calmed by Triple H but the backstage storm would quickly stir up again as Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar seemed far from finished with one another. It took Vince McMahon himself to intervene.

Apparently the boss told Chris Jericho to "be professional" and that the incident out in the ring was a work. Triple H was said to defend Jericho; claiming that Brock Lesnar instigated the ordeal and that Jericho was simply standing up for himself against Lesnar.


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