Details on The Miz And Daniel Bryan's Promo: Was It A Shoot?

It turned out to be one heck of an episode of Talking Smack following Tuesday night's SmackDown when The Miz appeared.

Daniel Bryan has made it known on more than one occasion that he wasn't a fan of The Miz and went on to tell the A-lister that he didn't like his style of wrestling before labelling his style of wrestling similar to that of a coward. That's when The Miz unleashed one of the best promos he's ever given when he verbally attacked Bryan.

Of the things he said, he called Bryan a coward for telling the fans that he'd come back for the Intercontinental Championship only to retire, while he also mocked Bryan's injuries saying that in 10 years, he had never taken time off. When Bryan retorted that WWE wouldn't let him come back, The Miz asked him why he didn't go wrestle in a bingo hall for the indies which prompted Bryan to leave the set.

Ever since the promo occurred, it's gotten fans debating whether it was a shoot or a worked shoot. However, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, both stars knew where they were going with their promos, but let reality slip in a bit. Do you think The Miz went over the line with his promo?

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Details on The Miz And Daniel Bryan's Promo: Was It A Shoot?