Backstage Details On Who Paul Heyman Plans To Push On Raw

We've seen Paul Heyman push several superstars over his first four months as the Executive Director of Monday Night Raw.

This includes Cedric Alexander, Rusev and Bray Wyatt - before he was moved to SmackDown Live via the WWE draft. Now, it appears as though Heyman is getting ready to push a handful of Cruiserweight and mid-card talents.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Ringside News) previously reported that Vince McMahon prefers to "bury" Alexander, which the former Cruiserweight Champion obviously disagreed with.

Now, Meltzer is suggesting that instead of pushing Alexander, Heyman may be shifting his focus towards other superstars. The names of Humberto Carrillo, Buddy Murphy and Ricochet were mentioned as some of the talents that could receive the next pushes from Heyman.

It's worth noting that Randy Orton teamed up with Carrillo and Ricochet to defeat The O.C. on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. It appears as though Orton is a babyface again, and perhaps he'll be used to help enhance the pushes of both Ricochet and Carrillo.

Ricochet has especially seen a nice push under Heyman's watch, having won the United States Championship while feuding with AJ Styles, one of the premier superstars in the WWE today.

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As for Murphy, the former Cruiserweight Champion was moved to Raw via the draft, but he hasn't been used much in storyline. But the overall skill set is there, and if Heyman stays committed to pushing him, Murphy will see his career reach another level.

It's Time For New Superstar Pushes

There is so much star power on the Raw roster, but WWE hasn't been able to maximize all of their talents. The likes of Murphy, Ricochet and Carrillo could certainly boost the mid-card and/or tag team divisions, and WWE shouldn't waste any time in pushing them now.

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