More Backstage Details On WWE's Decision To Fire Eric Bischoff

WWE fans were surprised to hear the news of Eric Bischoff being fired and replaced by Bruce Prichard, given that the latter was only hired four months ago.

In June, WWE announced that Bischoff and Paul Heyman would take over as the Executive Directors of SmackDown Live and Monday Night Raw, respectively. While Heyman has been extremely active in rebuilding the Raw product his way, Bischoff never really got his hands on the "B" show.

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated was able to provide more details regarding the firing of Bischoff. The decision was made on Monday, and they let Bischoff know on Tuesday "that his services were no longer needed."

Barrasso also noted two key reasons for Bischoff's firing. This included "his failure to assimilate into the corporate structure of the company," as well as the major decline in ratings for SmackDown last week - 2.899 million compared to 3.869 million for the Fox premiere per Barrasso.

Apparently, the decision to remove Bischoff was a strong message by Vince McMahon to show he's "entirely committed to the future success" of the SmackDown Live show.

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Bryan Alvarez of Wrestling Observer Radio reported that Bischoff was let go because he "didn't know" the superstars, nor did he really try to familiarize himself with the roster. So it seems like there were plenty of factor's in WWE's decision to replace Bischoff with Prichard.

Bischoff was the mastermind behind WCW's rise in the '90s, and without him, the Monday Night Wars with WWE wouldn't have taken place. Following WCW's demise, Bischoff joined WWE as the new general manager of Raw, but he left the company in 2005 after being fired in storyline.

Bischoff Can't Get All The Blame

At the end of the day, Bischoff can only take so much of the blame. Ratings are moving up and down all the time in WWE because the product isn't consistent enough. Not only that, but moving SmackDown to the Friday night slot was a major risk by Fox. Only time will tell if Brichard will be able to make things better, but if the ratings problem isn't fixed in short time, it'll be clear that Bischoff wasn't the problem.

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