Backstage Details On WWE Possibly Releasing Unhappy Superstars

Disgruntled WWE superstars who've requested to be released from the company haven't had any luck so far.

Luke Harper, Mike Kanellis and Sin Cara are among the superstars who went public about their requests to be cut loose, but WWE has refused to grant their wishes. However, some folks backstage are trying to change that.

Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio (h/t Paul Davis of Wrestling News) said "there are people" that think these superstars "should be let go because they’re unhappy." Meltzer noted, however, that there are others that believe nobody should get fired or let go.

And finally, it was noted that WWE chairman Vince McMahon is likely the person who won't release his unhappy superstars. Meltzer didn't note which people are lobbying for WWE to cut its frustrated superstars loose.

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It's easy to understand why Vince and WWE officials may be hesitant about cutting superstars loose. They're obviously worried about losing these talents to rival companies like AEW and Ring of Honor. WWE obviously isn't happy about losing Dean Ambrose (now Jon Moxley).

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But Harper, Kanellis and Sin Cara have learned that taking to Twitter and openly asking to be released simply isn't going to work on Vince McMahon. Kanellis especially is in a pickle here, since he only signed a new contract (along with wife Maria) back in June.

WWE Shouldn't Keep Disgruntled Superstars Around

Vince and WWE officials should just do the right thing and let disgruntled superstars leave. It doesn't look good when they're keeping around talents who don't want to be there. Plus, WWE is loaded with quality talents, and there are enough NXT superstars that can replace these dissatisfied wrestlers.

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