One of the most anticipated shows of the year for the WWE appears to now have a format. Many fans were wondering how the company would go about producing a show that was going to be jam-packed full of returning WWE Superstars and potentially have a couple matches on the card. It appears the company realizes this show is just too big for one venue.

As such, the broadcast will hail from two venues on the same night in New York City. The first venue will be the Barclays Center in Brooklyn where most of the action will be taking place. The second will be the Manhattan Center, the original home of Monday Night Raw when it first premiered in 1993.



Speculation is that one hour of the show will be broadcast from the Manhattan Center but be spread out over the duration of the entire Raw show offering cut-ins and periodic action with a group of talent only in that location. That location is rumored to feature most of the returning WWE Legends. WWE has determined that since these legends made Raw what it was at the Manhattan Center, it makes the most sense to have names like The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels appear there.

In contrast, the current roster will be set to offer the action from the Barclays Center, with a few notable exceptions that have yet to be confirmed. This has left some of the day-to-day Superstars a bit bummed out as many wanted to be part of the nostalgia that would be hanging in a locker room full of old WWE greats. There is some consolation in that there may be instances where popular Legends make more than one appearance and show up in both locations.

It appears the WWE is also looking at this show as a means to create and produce a number of other broadcasts that will air down the road on the WWE Network. Camera crews will be filming all day, from the arrival of WWE Superstars and Legends to meeting each other backstage and the nervousness and excitement that comes with producing a show of this magnitude.

At the very least a WWE 24 series will air on the WWE Network specifically about the 25th Anniversary event.

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