More Details On Seth Rollins' Potential Back Injury

Three years ago Seth Rollins gave us one of the greatest WrestleMania moments of all time. The Architect sprinted to the ring during the main event between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar in order to cash in his Money In The Bank. Rollins cash-in was successful and he left Mania with the WWE Championship.

Just 12 months later the former NXT Champion wasn't anywhere to be seen when WrestleMania rolled around. A few months prior to the event Rollins suffered a knee injury that kept him on the sidelines for an extended period of time and he had to watch the action unfold from the stands. The same almost happened last year too but he managed to recover in time to take on and defeat Triple H.

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Now as we hurtle towards WrestleMania 34 there are rumors that Rollins is injured yet again, this time suffering with back problems. According to Dirty Sheets, tests to determine whether The Hound Of Justice had a damaged lumbar disc thankfully came back negative. Instead it seems that Rollins reported back pain may be being caused by a muscle tear which tends to heal up pretty quickly. If his disc had been damaged he would have missed out on WrestleMania.

Despite continued reports that Rollins is suffering from a back injury the man himself took to social media not too long ago to reassure fans that it is all mere conjecture. Rumors of his injured back continue to surface though however these latest ones certainly make it seem like it is nothing to worry about. He is competing on Raw every week and will be in the Elimination Chamber match so if he is hurt it can't be that bad.



Whether it comes as a part of WrestleMania season or after it you would have to imagine that Rollins is due a run at the top of the card some time soon. It has been a while since he was really involved with the Universal or WWE Championships and the last time he held a title was when he had it for a matter of minutes at Money In The Bank 2016 before Dean Ambrose successfully cashed in on him. Perhaps the draft that is rumored to be taking place in a few months time will move Rollins into a more prominent position.

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