Did Dean Ambrose Take A Shot At CM Punk?

On Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins promised to bring a video proving that Roman Reigns didn't care about the fans and did not regret what he did to receive his suspension. As expected, it would turn out that the video that Rollins presented was fake.

Dean Ambrose would eventually make his way into the Rollins' segment and responded to his critics who claim that he is a joke as the WWE Champion. Ambrose would go onto make a flurry of statements in his own defense and seemingly took a subtle shot at CM Punk. Ambrose stated that while other stars have gotten washed out, suspended or left to chase fantasies in another sports, he has still been left standing in the WWE.

Since Ambrose debuted on the main roster with The Shield back in November 2012, the only man that has left the WWE and eventually pursued another sport was Punk, apart from Brock Lesnar, who's still with the WWE. Punk will be making his long awaited UFC debut at UFC 203 versus Mickey Gail.1

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