Did Paige Just Get A Tattoo For Alberto Del Rio?

I did the tiniest of letters today on @realpaigewwe ,who was very easy going and chill as fuck. #tatsoul #darksidemachine #clubtattoolasvegas #clubtattoomiraclemile #clubtattoolasvegasmm #wwe #wwefans #papi #dontforgetthechulo

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This can't be, right? A picture leaked online recently of Alberto Del Rio and Paige kissing, revealing that they're an item, but things seem to be going too fast. A tattoo artist posted on Instagram that reveals a tattoo on Paige's finger. She got inked at Club Tattoo in Las Vegas.

The tattoo simply reads, 'Papi', which must be her pet name for Del Rio. The two apparently went together to Club Tattoo, as seen in the picture below.

she did not....IM CRYING

— favour (@beckyshieId) May 27, 2016

This seems to be an odd decision by Paige. Who gets a tattoo for their partner after only a few months?

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Did Paige Just Get A Tattoo For Alberto Del Rio?