Did You Notice Who Is Missing From The Cover Image Of The Encyclopedia Of Sports Entertainment?

via wwe.com

If you spend any time on wrestling websites (which, I assume you do given that you are reading this), you have probably seen ads for the 3rd Edition of the WWE Encyclopedia of Sports Entertainment. I know I sure have.

Maybe you saw it and only gave it a glancing look and thought nothing of it. But maybe you also, in that glance, noticed that among all the WWE Superstars on the cover, covering generations of the WWE, one huge Superstar isn't there... Hulk Hogan.

Now, I guess this isn't a huge surprise given his current persona non grata status within the organization following the awful and racist things he was caught saying on tape. However, there has been some talk as of late that the WWE wanted to try and reintroduce Hogan to the WWE Universe and bring him back into the fold.

So, either that isn't happening or his image on the cover of the book would have been too big a step to take for the WWE at this point.

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