The 7 Most Disappointing Tag Teams In WWE, WCW And TNA History

Tag team wrestling has become a hot act in the wrestling industry today. The main reason for this is the Young Bucks proving that tag teams can draw as well as singles stars if marketed properly. Most would argue the duo of Matt and Nick Jackson deserve the most credit for this massive success hitting the independent circuit for wrestlers outside of WWE. However, even WWE will commit to the right tag team. The New Day is thriving in a major way with a lot of merchandise, big matches, and roles as faces of the company. Every tag team wants to reach that level of success, but it is very difficult. Things were even harder for teams of prior eras to break out and become superstars.

We will look at tag teams from various points in wrestling history that struggled. WWE is the place where the most high-profile disappointments will be remembered. Quite a few teams with big pushes and potential suffered disasters. WCW is another former company with a great spotlight that had their fair share of tag teams. There were a few to disappoint in an embarrassing fashion. TNA presents a more modern version of history when looking at why things didn’t work out. There were many terrible decisions that caused tag teams with potential to fall apart and flounder. Find out which teams stand out most for the negative reasons for each promotion. These are the seven most disappointing tag teams each in WWE, WCW and TNA history.

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21 WWE: Air Boom

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Air Boom arguably had the most potential of any of the tag teams on this list. Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne were paired together, and fans loved it. WWE's decision to team up two of their most exciting in-ring performers allowed these underrated wrestlers to find success together.

The disappointment for Air Boom came thanks to Bourne’s real-life mistakes. Two suspensions saw Bourne removed from WWE television. It caused the Air Boom Tag Team Championship reign to end abruptly. Bourne never returned to the company and the team ended within months failing to fulfill the potential.

20 WCW: The Revolution

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The Revolution faction put together a group of very talented wrestlers. Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit, Shane Douglas, and Perry Saturn all formed a group designed to challenge the old guard of WCW. The stable was based on the real-life backstory of the young wrestlers being held back by the older stars.

WCW experimented with a few tag team combinations from The Revolution hoping to deliver success. None of them worked due to the stable not connecting with the audience. The intent behind the story made sense, but it was executed poorly. The Revolution was an all-time terrible faction and their tag teams are among the biggest WCW disappointments.

19 TNA: The Naturals

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TNA found a lot of young talents with potential in its first few years before landing on Spike TV. The Naturals tag team was one of the most promising prospect combinations. Andy Douglas and Chase Stevens both had good looks and showed a lot of potential to become big stars in the future.

The Naturals were pushed hard during the early years. TNA even placed them with manager Shane Douglas to get more relevance. It just didn’t work out as they failed to progress. Douglas and Chase are barely remembered by any fans today which shows just how badly they flopped.

18 WWE: Spirit Squad

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It is easy to laugh at the failure of the Spirit Squad today, but they were huge projects for WWE at the time. The company specifically picked some of the best prospects in developmental to try to make them top heels. Many fans forget that the Spirit Squad defeated major names Big Show and Kane to win the Tag Team Championship.

WWE believed in the Spirit Squad enough to have them work with legends like Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Triple H and Shawn Michaels for the company’s biggest storyline in 2006. The youngsters showed potential in the ring but could not make the male cheerleading gimmick work in the long haul. Fans remember the Spirit Squad with negative emotions today.

17 WCW: The Perfect Event

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WCW tried strongly to make new stars in 2001, but it was too late. The young homegrown talents from the Power Plant training facility received huge pushes against top names. One combination of young talent featured Chuck Palumbo and Shawn Stasiak working together as the Perfect Event.

Both Palumbo and Stasiak were viewed as future main eventers. The start to their WCW runs did not work out well in the tag team. There was a lack of chemistry between the two wrestlers and it prevented them from finding success. Neither man would have relevance when joining WWE following the selling of WCW.

16 TNA: Team Pacman

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One of the biggest problems for TNA in their history was always looking for a quick fix to get to the top of the industry without slowly building towards it. One of their most memorably desperate pleas for mainstream attention was signing controversial NFL player Adam Pacman Jones.

Pacman signed with TNA during a suspension from the NFL. Many negative stories piled up on Pacman’s reputation, but TNA still signed him. Pacman teamed with R-Truth often just standing on the apron or making pins due to NFL contract stipulations preventing him from the physical actions. TNA put the tag titles on Team Pacman leading to an embarrassing moment for the company.

15 WWE: The Allied Powers

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Many of the great tag teams will see talented singles wrestlers in need of a new motive getting placed together. The Bar and New Day are two recent instances of how great this works. Lex Luger and Davey Boy Smith received a similar experiment in the early '90s when becoming the Allied Powers.

Both men clearly had main event potential, and they had already participated in major matches for WWE. The Allied Powers did not achieve the success most hoped when they were paired together. Luger and Smith did not have much chemistry together, and it led to a huge disappointment.

14 WCW: The American Males

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Buff Bagwell and Scotty Riggs received a huge push in the tag team division together in WCW. The '90s featured a lot of hokey characters getting a chance to shine. Bagwell and Riggs made up the team known as the American Males.

Both men had limitations in their wrestling and character work each that held them back from finding long-term success in WCW. The American Males had a disappointing WCW Tag Team Championship reign that led to their end. Bagwell turned heel on Riggs to join the New World Order, which ended the American Males for good.

13 TNA: The Rock and Rave Infection

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TNA is responsible for many of the recent disappointments for wrestling fans. Failed potential is the legacy of the promotion’s history. Jimmy Rave was a very talented wrestler following a great run in Ring of Honor. Lance Hoyt always had potential as shown with his current success in New Japan.

Vince Russo decided to pair Hoyt and Rave together for a tag team based on the Rock Band video game's success. The Rock and Rave Infection featured them managed by Christy Hemme as all three pretended to be a successful rock band. It was a disaster with the talented wrestlers being wasted away.

12 WWE: The Colons

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The Colon family is responsible for quite a few great wrestlers. Carlos Colon made the WWE Hall of Fame and Carlito showed great talent during his WWE career. Two other members of the Colon family are still under contract as Primo and Epico try to find success.

Both cousins have received quite a few different tag team gimmicks together. They have wrestled under their real names as well as the Shining Stars and Los Matadores. No angle worked, and the Colons struggle to form any connection with the audience. Primo and Epico will be remembered on the all-time tag team busts in wrestling history unless they can find success before it’s too late.

11 WCW: The Mamalukes

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One of the terrible ideas during the final few years of WCW featured The Mamalukes. Big Vito and Johnny the Bull were two of the younger prospects that the company wanted to evolve into stars. WCW added former ECW star Tony Mamaluke to the core and added him as a manager.

The three wrestlers failed to develop chemistry and it showed. WCW eventually released Mamaluke, but Johnny and Vito remained as a duo. Fans typically viewed them as jokes due to the lame gimmick. The Mamalukes perfectly represent why WCW was so bad towards the end and had to be sold to WWE.

10 TNA: The Bro Mans

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TNA was often criticized for putting confidence in the wrong young talents. Many of the underutilized wrestlers went on to become bigger stars in WWE or other promotions to this day. TNA sadly made the wrong call with the young talents they chose to invest in.

Two wrestlers to get such opportunities were Robbie E and Jessie Godderz. Both men were liked by TNA for their look and comedic personalities as the Bro Mans tag team. A decision was made to make the comedic afterthoughts become the Tag Team Champions. The title run hurt the credibility of the belts and further made TNA look like fools.

9 WWE: Cryme Tyme

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The tag team of Cryme Tyme had great potential to become long-term fixtures for WWE. Both JTG and Shad worked well together. They took a potentially horrible gimmick and made it work due to their charm. Cryme Tyme had a few comedic segments that stood out and helped them move up the card.

Shad’s backstage issues would hurt them and prevent them from hitting their potential. JTG suffered as well due to his partner getting them both heat. WWE eventually released Shad due to his issues and allowed JTG to remain as a lower card act for many years. Cryme Tyme missed out on becoming a top team and disappointed in the grand scheme of things.

8 WCW: The Insiders

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Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page were two of the few veterans still being used by WCW towards the end of the run. Both legendary wrestlers teamed together under the name of The Insiders. It was meant to be a play on the prior Nash tag team with Scott Hall as The Outsiders.

Page and Nash were close friends that wanted to work together in the tag team facing off against young heels. It was a good idea on paper, but the Insiders flopped. Fans didn’t buy them as a tag team and it felt weird seeing them outside of the singles picture after their world title reigns. Not all wrestlers are meant to be a tag team together, and the Insiders were one of them.

7 TNA: Matt Morgan and Crimson

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TNA tried to place two singles wrestlers they believed in together as a tag team. Matt Morgan and Crimson each had looks that TNA wanted to use to help them become top stars. Crimson was new to the company, and Morgan was coming off a few flops as a singles star.

The idea was made for them to team as the top face duo in TNA. It worked out poorly as Morgan and Crimson failed to get the audience on their side. Audiences often cheered heels Samoa Joe and Magnus over Morgan and Crimson in their matches. The TNA tag project flopped for Morgan and Crimson.

6 WWE: Legion of Doom 2.0

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WWE tried to bring back the Legion of Doom years after Road Warrior Hawk passed away. The legendary tag team was officially over, but an idea was created for Road Warrior Animal to come back to WWE and team with a new wrestler with potential named Heidenreich.

Fans were not happy with WWE using the Legion of Doom tag team in such an embarrassing way. Heidenreich did not have the talent needed to make up for the negative attachments of replacing a legendary wrestler. Legion of Doom 2.0 is remembered as an all-time WWE flop and for a very good reason.

5 WCW: Vicious and Delicious

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One of the tag teams to come from the New World Order was Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton pairing together. Both wrestlers in the mid-card picture for the iconic faction. They often participated in the group beatdowns and promos with the other top names, but no one ever viewed them as main eventers.

The team name of Vicious and Delicious was meant to showcase Norton’s vicious in-ring side and Bagwell’s love of his good looks. Bagwell and Norton had chemistry together, but their in-ring styles did not work well together. There was hope of Vicious and Delicious becoming a top team and it just never happened.

4 TNA: Ink Inc.

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The idea of Ink Inc. featured Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal becoming a duo thanks to the shared love of tattoos. Both men had a passion for tattoos that made them friends. TNA decided to place them together with a lack of ideas for other plans in singles action.

Moore and Neal each tried to make it work, but it was impossible to get it over. Ink Inc. did not work at all and failed to get over with the audience. The team ended within a few months due to the momentum never growing. It was another flop for TNA.

3 WWE: Big Cass and Enzo Amore

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Big Cass and Enzo Amore had the potential to become a highly successful team for WWE. They did great things in NXT and showed all the skills to evolve into an iconic tag team. Both men complimented each other with very different skill sets that got the fans to genuinely like them in NXT.

WWE called them up to the Raw brand and gave them all the freedom to cut their long promos before matches. Cass and Enzo each unfortunately made bad decisions that ruined their standing backstage. WWE split them up with singles pushes to try to salvage their runs and they flopped even more. The tag team of Cass and Enzo belongs in the conversation for the biggest flop in WWE history.

2 WCW: The Harris Brothers

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Vince Russo had a great relationship with the Harris Brothers and decided to bring them over to WCW when he took over creative control. Coincidentally, the name of Creative Control was the first moniker Ron and Don Harris went by when joining WCW doing the bidding for the mysterious Russo.

The Harris Brothers' matches were hard to watch due to their lack of in-ring skills. Both men also failed to deliver on the charismatic aspect of the sport. WCW pushed them to the moon over the last year and a half, but they always failed to deliver. Fans remember them as being part of the worst time in WCW history.

1 TNA: Voodoo Kin Mafia

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Nostalgia is often a good thing in wrestling as seen by Triple H, The Undertaker and many others bringing interest in for WWE shows when they wrestle. However, not every legend can keep the fan interest. Road Dogg and Billy Gunn realized this when trying to reform the New Age Outlaws in TNA.

The name of Voodoo Kin Mafia was created for their team in TNA due to the VKM acronym taking a shot at Vincent Kennedy McMahon. It was such a dumb joke that showed how poorly things would work out for the tag team. Any magic from the New Age Outlaws era was gone as Voodoo Kin Mafia flopped horrendously.

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