The Most Disappointing Female Wrestlers In The Industry For The Last 10 Years

The Women’s Revolution is in such full swing now that there are approximately 50 active female superstars on the roster, not including the bevy of beauties that serve as commentators, backstage interviewers, hosts, announcers, one certain Chief Brand Officer. It is an impressive feat how far the WWE has grown from and changed over the years. From having next to no females to the over sexualized Attitude Era to the barely any match time Pin-Up era to right now.

WWE might be at the forefront of it now, but the TNA Knockouts Division used to be the only reason to watch Impact. Companies like Shimmer and Shine are women’s only companies where a lot of stars of today got their start. But just like some men can flop in the ring...as the saying goes anything a man can do a woman could do better, including not living up to their full potential. No matter what the reason was here are The Most Disappointing Female Wrestlers In The Industry For The Last 10 Years.

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10 Eva Marie

In another time, in another era, Eva Marie is loved, admired, and often times lusted after by throngs of WWE fans. She will go down in history as one of the most gorgeous woman to have ever graced the squared circle. But Sable could work circles around in a match. Give Eva Marie credit - she tried to get better and worked with The Brian Kendrick. But it was clear that she had no interest in becoming a great in-ring worker and would’ve rather have been a pin-up model.

9 Paige

Paige really should be the lone wolf at the top of the card. The second-generation star has literally been wrestling since her mother was pregnant with her. Once she was old enough to move, she was fighting with her family.

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The inaugural NXT women’s champion has been getting at it since was 13. But it all caught up with her due to injuries. Paige’s career maybe one day can resume, but at this juncture there is no way the WWE would clear her, nor would she want to risk a debilitating injury.

8 Kaitlyn

Sometimes, a superstar just needs a little more seasoning to go from good to great. That’s the story of Kaitlyn. She debuted as part of NXT Season 3, when it still was just a reality show. She was a decent worker and had the physique of a pint-sized powerhouse. Her most memorable angle was putting AJ Lee over. Had she gotten a little more training, there’s no telling how far she could have gone. Maybe we’ll all get to see now that she’s training again.

7 Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly isn’t just another pretty face. She was THE pretty face! If you didn’t look at her and immediately fall for the quintessential girl next door, then you need to see you optometrist. Because other than graduating from “the Stamford School Of Dance,” Kelly Kelly had it all. All except some skill in the ring. She gets an effort for trying, but if you’re going to put someone with no experience in the ring, then someone should have taught her some moves.

6 Lana

Originally booked as a quasi-Ludmilla Drago, Lana was the perfect spokesperson for Rusev’s first year on the main roster. Then she started getting a little more of a fan following with fans chanting “we want Lana.” Would WWE use all of that good will and transform the Ravishing Russian into the next Sunny, Sable, or Marlena? It’s WWE in the early 2010s, so you know the answer to that question.

5 Summer Rae

Debuting as Fandango’s dance partner, Summer Rae was one of the very first NXT call ups, predating even the WWE Network! The former Lingerie Football player was the last of the pin-up models and the first of a new generation of Divas.

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But sadly, she never was able to move past the eye candy role she played and thanks to a year of injuries, Rae was released from her contract.

4 Dana Brooke

Full of twisted steel and flex appeal, the bodybuilding champion that is Dana Brooke should in theory be right at the top of Vince McMahon’s list of ladies to push right through to the top of the card. Watching her on Raw, it’s apparent that she wants to be at the top, so the work ethic is there, but there seems to be something missing - that proverbial “it.” If Dana ever finds that missing spark, there will be no stopping her.

3 Serena

During the pin-up era, every so often women came in who were more than just a pretty face and could go in the ring. Serena was one of these girls. She came in hot, pledging herself to live a clean life in CM Punk’s Straight Edge Society. She didn’t work a lot of matches, but her unique look and the company she kept made her memorable.

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Unfortunately, her straight edge life style was just a gimmick. She was released before she could showcase her full potential but has since returned as a trainer for NXT.

2 Sara Lee

Thankfully, there wasn’t much time to get too invested in the winner of Tough Enough season six. The Tough Enough experiment is a strange one - only one runner up is still working (nowadays he’s Johnny Impact), but no winners have amount to much. It’s usually the other contestants like Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville, and the Velveteen Dream. All three were part of season six. All three are flourishing whereas both winners, Josh Bredl and Sara Lee were released from their obligatory one-year contract.

1 Sasha Banks

Yes, one of the best wrestlers in world is on this list as one of the most disappointing. She took her ball and went home, what’s more disappointing to a fan than that?! While fans never know what’s truly going on (unless they put out a bombshell podcast confession), it still stinks that one of the best wrestlers in the world of any gender isn’t on the roster right now because of her own frustration with the product, which is what sort sheet writers have surmised. If the rumors are true, hopefully, she stops taking it personally that she and Bayley were asked to drop the tag team titles and come back to do what she does best.

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